There And Gone Again

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In The Wind

Damien and Galina are vegging out in front of some rap video. Well, at least Damien is trying to veg, but Galina's grilling him about the significance of "biotch" and "bling" and other such verbiage. Damien half-heartedly tries to explain it to her, but quickly shuts down the conversation, probably because he doesn't understand it much more than she does. The room service guy has Damien sign the check, calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Brunner," which is still cracking him up every time he hears it. He tells Galina that he might "go buy something" after lunch, because it's not like he has anything else to do. Galina trips over some expensive clutter littering the suite and asks, "What more can you buy?" Damien channel-surfs until he sees a race car, and grins stupidly. So clearly they aren't too worried about this Sunny thing.

Cameron and Beth are dealing with their "bigger problems;" they're having a meeting in their home with a social worker, who is already my favorite character because of how much she clearly hates Cameron on sight. He asks what happens to the kid after Elisa goes through rehab, and the worker says that the baby will be placed with a foster family. The kid starts fussing, and Cameron gets up to pick him up out of his play yard while Beth sits there on the couch, looking pinched and grumpy and like somebody stomped on her foot as hard as I want to. Cameron asks whether he can meet with said foster family, and the social worker says that's up to the mother. Cameron mentions the father. "I didn't think we had one," the social worker says, and Cameron asks, "What if he's me?" Beth shoots death-beams at him from her eyes as the social worker asks for proof. Cameron has none, of course, and gets all grumpy when the social worker says that a nurse will stop by tomorrow to check the kid out (as opposed to making the rich people take him to a clinic their own damn selves). Cameron imperiously grumps that that's a good idea, like the social worker is a customer service rep for the catalog he ordered the kid out of or something. The social worker gives Cameron until the next day to get Elisa's approval for temporary custody in writing. A bit later, Cameron lets her out, saying that they'll talk tomorrow. He's left to face his pissy wife, who just stands there glaring at him. He says, "We have so much now. What are we supposed to do, just dump this kid in the system?" Cameron, the great humanitarian. Or maybe he's heard how babies are chick magnets and he wants to give it a try. He says that he understands why she's upset, and that they'll figure it out. She just goes upstairs by herself without saying another word, because figuring things out is not her bag, man.

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