There And Gone Again

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In The Wind

At the high school parking lot, Damien's letting a friend of his test-drive a brand-new red Viper at high speed. Amazingly, the kid doesn't crunch into a parked bus or anything. He hops out and expresses his approval of the wheels, thanking Damien for the test drive. The bell rings and Damien watches all his old buddies head into the school building, because even though he wouldn't have gone car-shopping until "after lunch," it's still the middle of the school day. No wonder he dropped out. The only one left standing there with him is Frankie. He offers her a ride. "Promise you won't hurl?" he silver-tongues, and they tire-screech on out of there. Amazingly, Damien doesn't crunch into a parked bus either.

Sean's getting interrogated at the police station, in the nicest interrogation room I've ever seen on TV. The detectives aren't buying his story about Jeremy. They wonder if Zoe didn't just run away, or become Sean's victim. Before Sean can start digging himself into an even deeper hole with his big mouth, Zoe's lawyer buddy Dave bursts in, telling Sean to zip it. Dave knows that the detectives don't have anything they can actually charge Sean with (aside from beating up Zoe's new neighbors, of course), and he's a total prick to the detectives as he tells Sean it's time to go. Was he Sean's one phone call? Or does he just like busting in and being rude to cops on his lunch break?

Out in the hallway, Sean says that they need to talk, but Dave says to wait. He flags down some uniformed officer by name, and is equally bitchy to him as he demands Sean's personal effects be returned to him. As Sean's waiting for Dave to handle that (and the closed-captioning picks up Dave also blowing off the assault charges, which I can't hear at all), another officer introduces a new character to the detectives who were just interrogating Sean. It's Zoe's little sister Tally, who looks like a poor man's Lana Lang, complete with permanently gobsmacked expression. Sean overhears the introduction, but prefers to stand there loitering rather than making himself known as the detectives lead Tally into an office. Oddly enough, they don't introduce Tally to their prime suspect, because that might result in something interesting happening. Dave returns with a manila envelope for Sean, and as Sean's looking through the stuff -- which of course includes the PDA and the cell phone of the person he was arrested for kidnapping in the first place -- Tally busts back out into the hallway, freaking out that the police aren't technically considering Zoe a missing person yet. Sean wants to stick around and watch this little drama play out, but Dave tells him it's time to go. So they go. But something tells me we haven't seen the last of Tally. I think it's the sappy music.

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