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Nina finds Sunny at the health club, beating the crap out of a heavy bag. Sunny pauses long enough to give Nina a gross sweaty hug, but her expression quickly shuts down when Nina says that she's there to talk about Kimberly. Nina's saying something about "he said, she said," but rather than wondering who the "he" is in this scenario, Sunny boasts that she has a witness. Nina points out that said witness is Sunny's best friend, who might have a little bias (and also a hankering for a 20% commission, although Nina doesn't mention that). Nina comes right out and accuses Sunny of lying. So Sunny comes right out and says, "Prove it." Nina says that she can't, but neither can Sunny, and asks her whether there's some number they can agree on. So Sunny goes into this whole pity party about all the lottery parties she hosted. In short, Sunny's "number" is 100%. Nina asks whether Sunny can compromise. "Why should I?" Sunny bitches. Nina's got a pretty good answer: "It's great that you hosted all those parties, Sunny, but those weeks, we didn't win. This week, we did." And she walks off, leaving Sunny to sock that heavy bag one more time in frustration. Sadly, the bag doesn't sock back. Shouldn't someone mention the fact that Sunny, of all people, should have known better than to contribute to the pot without signing the list? Help me out here, show.

So what does a millionaire teenager do when he wants to impress a girl and he's already bought an expensive red sports car? Apparently, we're to believe that he takes her to a skating rink and rents the whole place for them. As Frankie and Damien glide around the hardwood, Frankie comments on the lameness of the "date." She still doesn't quite get the fact that even though this is basically a show about a third of a billion dollars, it's relatively low-budget. There is "bantering," and it's mercifully cut short when Damien's cell phone rings. While trying to pull it out of his pants pocket, he of course topples to the floor, which makes me so very sad that cell phones weren't invented twenty years earlier. Frankie cackles cutely at him before asking if he's okay. It looks like he is, at least until he sees who's calling him.

There's another one of those mid-scene edits that this show is always dropping in for no reason, which I don't even mention half the time. It's just one of the many stylistic tics that Windfall incorporates that have no purpose but to irritate me. In this case, Damien's just finishing his phone conversation, telling Galina that they'll continue their conversation when he gets home. By the time he's done, Frankie's on her own cell phone, asking if the deposition she's giving tomorrow is for her mom's or her dad's side. "Okay, I'll be there," she chirps bravely, as Damien arrives at her side with bottled vending-machine waters for both of them. She finishes up her call, and Damien says that he suggested to Galina she get her own place, and she "kind of freaked out." Which doesn't explain why she called him, but whatever. He talks more about how the whole marriage is a "business," and Frankie skeptically says, "Right." Damien asks her whether she thinks it's weird. Frankie uses a whole lot of words to point out that since the money entered into her parents' already contentious divorce, and Addie's pretty much become an absentee mom: "Your weird makes mine feel normal." There's a continuum between "weird" and "normal," and I'd have to say these two both land out past "normal" and well into "boring."

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