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In The Wind

Maggie meets one of her suitors at a mall, and he asks whether she's sure this is where she wants to eat, and she asks why. And he opens his big mouth: "Because this is a food court, and you're really rich." End of date. But not to worry, because Maggie has apparently told all the guys to meet her here, and so then she's able to hop from table to table like a one-woman speed-dating event. Appropriately, I will speed-recap: all the guys suck, KT Tunstall plays, and Maggie is a ham.

When Maggie sits down across from the last guy, she's clearly all ready to be unimpressed. But the jaded image is just an act, because five seconds of psychobabble from him is enough to bring down her defenses. He mentions her work as a nurse, but then totally blows it by mistakenly guessing that Maggie works at a sex clinic. And she is out of there. She's gone. She's done. Wait, Maggie, take me with you!

Cameron's at Elisa's place, which is completely new and much larger and nicer that where she was living last week, so I'm wondering if maybe it isn't in fact not her place at all and actually a rehab facility or a library or something. He's there so he can try to convince her to sign her kid over to him. Naturally she's pissed that he called Social Services on her, and that she's going to have to go to rehab. What's a little more confusing is her fear that she'll lose her baby, because that's exactly what she wanted to do last week. Whatever, I guess we're supposed to think that that was the drugs talking. Much as they do in this show's Writers' Room. Cameron says she has the choice of leaving the kid with some other family she doesn't know, but he thinks he's better off with Cameron and Beth. She scoffs at this: "Even if you're not the baby's father, you could have been. You have quite the reputation on campus, Professor, and not for nothing." Cameron doesn't bother to deny it; he just tells her to sign the paper, and that she'll get the baby back as soon as she's clean. "Don't mess with me," she threatens, "or I'll mess with you." Surprisingly, the multimillionaire college professor doesn't look too intimidated by the strung-out drug addict on her way to court-ordered rehab.

Apparently, Dave is quite the successful lawyer, because he rides around town in the back of a limousine. For a very long time, too, because it's dark now. He's also got Sean in the back with him, who's telling Dave to stay on top of the police and their investigation of Zoe's disappearance. Dave stops him right there: "I did this one thing for you, but I don't work for you. Now, I don't know what happened to Zoe. Wherever she is, she's gone because of you." This makes absolutely no sense. Why would Dave swoop in to rescue Sean, if not at Zoe's secret request? We know from last week that Dave's already suspicious of Sean, and if he's willing to go to the mat for a guy he has every reason to suspect is behind Zoe's disappearance in the first place, Zoe really needs new friends. Sean says that he plans to hire a private investigator. Dave wonders how he's going to do that, since Zoe hadn't finished setting up joint access to the winnings yet. He picks up the phone to tell the driver to pull over. Sean tries to process this bit of news: "So twenty million dollars is..." "All in her name," Dave answers. Sean looks out the window, wondering why the car is still moving.

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