There And Gone Again

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In The Wind

Next morning at Peter and Nina's house, Peter is confronting his wife about a conversation he just had with the lawyer they had to hire "because of this Sunny thing." And he's pissed because Nina has apparently decided to lie under oath and say that she saw Kimberly put the dollar in the pot. Nina reminds Peter that Sunny is the liar, but Peter says he doesn't know that: "Now Sunny's suing the rest of us and everyone's money is frozen." Just like that. The justice system certainly works fast in this town, especially considering the fact that apparently nobody pays taxes. Nina stops carrying the laundry upstairs and says that they can wait a few months to get the prize, since they got along without the money before. That reminds me: any Parisian duds in that laundry basket, by the way? Peter argues, "People bought houses! They made promises and plans, things they can't take back just because you're pissed at Sunny." So Nina turns it around and says that Peter's worried about his bicycle business falling through: "You're always saying that those guys at the plant deserve more. And now you suddenly have it. A lot more. And it eats at you. You feel like you don't deserve it, right?" Peter's face tells us she's hit the nail on the head. She tells him, "It's a gift. It's luck. You can't earn it. But you try too hard and you can throw it all away." And the woman who's trying too hard and potentially throwing it all away ride her high horse right on up the stairs, because now that Sunny's frozen their assets, her husband can't even afford a spine.

Sean is on Jeremy's trail, and his first stop is the front desk at the ratty motel where Jeremy was last staying. And the manager isn't too pleased that Jeremy trashed the room and took off without paying: "If you find him, take a few teeth out for me." Sounds like he knows Sean pretty well.

Out in the parking lot, Sean decides that his next move is to call Zoe's sister Tally on Zoe's cell phone (which, like any high-powered lawyer's cell phone, has three numbers stored on it. Shut up, show). He introduces himself simply as Sean, "a friend of Zoe's," which is enough for Tally. "You're the lottery guy," she says, ambiguously. He says that he's looking for Zoe. Tally asks how he got her number, because she doesn't have caller ID and doesn't realize it's Zoe's phone calling her until Sean tells her. That would have been quite the sharp little emotional rollercoaster for her, wouldn't it? He tells her that he wants to meet someplace where she'll feel safe. "I think we can help each other," he says. Convincing, really. He doesn't even pronounce "help" as "sex."

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