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In The Wind

Yikes! At Cameron and Beth's house, the baby is up on the table in a baby chair. That's not the scary part; it looks perfectly stable. What's scary is that Beth is right up in the baby's face, smiling and cooing and being all sweet to him. The baby smiles back at her, because babies are stupid. Of course, when Beth hears Cameron come through the door, she gets the hell away from the kid and assumes her usual grim expression. Cameron enters the room, waving an envelope and announcing that Elisa signed the kid over to them. Beth sarcastically says that's great, and then tries to passive-aggressive out of the room. Cameron calls her (and her ugly blue sweater with the black elbow pads that she was wearing in the pilot, like, go back to Paris and don't come back until you've found something decent to wear, if at all) back, telling her to talk to him. Beth says that she already tried to talk to him: "I told you I wanted a child and you freaked out," says the woman who went to Paris the very next second: "You said we had to have this huge discussion about it together. And then you went and did this alone." Cameron says that it was a decision in the moment, on which she calls bullshit: "Your head's always in the future. It's like you've got one foot in this marriage and the other's in the next town or college, or the next grand passion, whatever that is." This is quite enough talking for Cameron, so he says that he's off to get formula. Beth snaps that she already got some. Cameron picks up the fussy kid and asks Beth to hold him (the baby, not Cameron) while he heats up the formula. Beth refuses: "You decided to do this alone. Now deal with it alone." And she marches out. You know, I used to think Cameron was just an insufferable prick. Now I realize that these two deserve each other.

That night (or some night), all the winners are gathered out on Nina and Peter's front lawn again, peas-and-carrots-ing about the lawsuit and all the lawyers on the premises. Beth rolls up alone, and Peter greets her, asking where Cameron is. "He's on his own tonight," Beth non-euphemizes, and heads into the house while Peter and Nina exchange a glance. Damien and Galina get out of his new Viper, and clearly Galina went and bought some new clothes after selling them all last week; she's in a black cocktail dress and a white fur, which goes just smashingly with Damien's jeans and long-sleeved T-shirt. She notices that the house next door to Peter and Nina's is actually Damien's. So they were next-door neighbors? I'm pretty sure that wasn't made clear before, although it does explain how Nina and Damien knew each other. Maggie runs past a gauntlet of lawyers on the lawn who try to flag her down, and finds herself face-to-face with a flinchy Kimberly. "Man, this place is lousy with lawyers," Maggie observes, and Kimberly admits that it's probably her fault. "Yeah, because you want your $20 million," Maggie breezes. "Who could blame you? I don't." Kimberly looks relieved that there's at least one person besides Nina who doesn't hate her. And me. I don't hate her.

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