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<i>2 Broke Girls</i>: If You’ve Never Been to Brooklyn But Still Hate It, This Is the Show For You

You have to be cautious when you recommend 2 Broke Girls to a family member, friend or co-worker. Sure, maybe the pilot made you giggle, but if a person randomly tuned into "And Strokes of Goodwill," they might assume you're a racist, raunch-loving freak who watches that terrible CBS show that comes on before Two and a Half Men. Forever more, your taste level will be scrutinized and people will think of you differently. It's a bad scene (and a true story).

If you're lucky, the person who took your endorsement will watch "And the Rich People Problems" or "And the '90s Horse Party" and see the chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, giggle at the immaturity and forgive the stereotypical dorky Asian manager (Matthew Moy) and wise elderly African-American cashier (Garrett Morris). It'll probably help if the person has never been to Brooklyn (specifically Williamsburg) and decidedly hates it, or has been there but likes making fun of it. If they have no concept of hipster culture other than the vague notion that it exists and that they loathe it, you'll be the go-to person for TV advice forever more.

As a Williamsburg resident -- I remember that pop-up disco party in the Laundromat -- and a person who is able to subject themselves through a whole lot of bad TV, I'm able to find the joy in 2 Broke Girls... but I question how long that will last. I've found little evidence that there are people out there who proudly state their fanhood publicly, but there are definitely viewers (as seen in our forums) who feel connected to Caroline and Max and therefore can't really pull themselves away from the show as of yet.

Theories for making the series better include: moving the girls out of the diner and into a temp agency where they can interact with a more diverse group of people, presenting real jokes instead of lazily relying on hipster clich├ęs and shock-factor sex jokes and actually writing remotely accurate material for what North Williamsburg is like. I include the last point because one of the reasons my fellow Garden State-born residents and I loved Jersey Shore so much when it first debuted was because the gang actually represented a cultural phenomenon ("Guidos") that was not entirely understood by the rest of the world but nevertheless definitely existed. (Why do you think True Life had been on all of these years?) North Williamsburg is not seedy, and though this is probably only important to a tiny fraction of fans, it'd be more accurate and interesting to at least have the girls live in Bushwick or Bed-Stuy in order to feature a convincingly sketchy neighborhood. That way, Max could resent hipsters for pushing her out of her once-affordable neighborhood and Caroline could still be reasonably baffled by their pretend-poor lifestyle.

The writers have proven they can deliver significant laughs while making fun of pop culture, as seen by 2 Broke Girls being one of the first network shows to openly mock flash mobs (take that, Modern Family and Glee!) and by the program giving ironic credit to Small Wonder. Because Behrs and Dennings can personally only carry the series for so long, I'm hoping it will be able to find its rhythm in laughing at what it's like to be penniless in a thriving city. Too many more jokes about horse poop and masturbating in a bathtub and no one will be able to respect 2 Broke Girls fans ever again.

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