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2 Broke Girls: The Groans of the Week

by Rachel Stein October 9, 2012 10:10 am
<i>2 Broke Girls</i>: The Groans of the Week

Last night's "And the Hold-Up" was quite clearly a filler episode -- and pretty early on in the season, too. It's strange, 2 Broke Girls can be one of every three shows every week: 1) Two waitresses struggling to afford living in New York City; 2) A daughter of a Bernie Madoff-type character trying to rebuild her life with the help of a new friend; 3) Two young women trying to market their start-up cupcake business. I much prefer Number 3's type of episodes, while Number 2 is usually kind of weird but potentially sweet and Number 1 just tries way too hard... but maybe that's just because I don't like jokes about piss.

I don't think enough interesting stuff happened in this episode to get into the nitty-gritty, so let's get right to the bad stuff:

- The pop culture references in the opening were abundant: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Fifty Shades of Grey, "Call Me Maybe" and then later, Willow Smith, The Avengers and Katherine Heigl jokes. Who says this show isn't timeless?

- The Han being 29 years old gag. All 15 times it was done.

- The really weird robbery scene where the guy obviously didn't have a gun and the actors forgot they were on-camera. I've never been so bored by a hold-up scene before.

- Caroline peeing herself for so long. (Though I totally laughed when Oleg slipped in it.)

- The girls' building exterior shot. Have I just not noticed it before, or is this the first time we're seeing it? In any event, it's beautiful! No wonder they're broke!

- "Weren't you shot as a baby?" could have been fun little commentary on Max's character being so over the top that Caroline feels like every insane thing she's heard of sounds like a Max-ism... but instead, we got: "No, I drank shots as a baby." Sigh. I hope that one day we meet Max's mom and she turns out to be totally normal and sweet, and that Max is just a compulsive liar.

- Sophie and Oleg were playing "hide the penis."

- Max describing Sophie as a "Polish fart cushion." (You and I both, Max.)

- Max yelling at the movie screen. (Wait, are we supposed to hate her? This is definitely one of those things I'd instantly hate a person for.)

- Han is "coming," says Caroline, which Max... misinterprets.

- Rape joke of the night: "We'll stop if it hurts" being one of those things that, like "I'd take a bullet for you," people say but don't mean.

Minute I stopped paying attention and had to rewind: 24:30, right around when Han and Caroline got caught without tickets.

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