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2 Broke Girls: The Groans of the Week

by Rachel Stein December 4, 2012 10:15 am
<i>2 Broke Girls</i>: The Groans of the Week

"And the New Boss" was basically a plot-device of an episode, its obvious purpose being to prepare the cupcake shop for opening -- and to pad it out, we got thrown a random and lazily-written guest star (Abby Elliott) along with a few gross jokes about sex, because of course we do. It wasn't 2 Broke Girls' finest installment, but hey, it didn't have any Amish boner jokes, right?

There started to be a little bit of an interesting (if not predictable) statement on unpaid interns, but the writers chose to leave Ruth's character on a superficial level instead. Whatever. My favorite moments in the episodes were when Caroline and Max were killing and later throwing rats around, because they proved that Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings would be more than capable of slapsticking alongside Miss Piggy if there's ever some kind of CBS Muppet special. I really do mean that as a compliment. I also genuinely want to see the cupcake shop opened for business... though I'm sure that won't stop the groans like these:

- Earl: "The last time I gave a white woman the Heimlich, I did six months in the Birmingham City jail."

- Caroline: "What do you do when a girl is choking?" Oleg: "I just back up a few inches." (Worst Oleg line ever?)

- "Sorry you waited longer for your burger than you did for that Cosby sweater to come back."

- Earl's second contribution to the night: "Ow, I accidentally sat on one of my boys!" (This was a relatively Earl-heavy episode, weirdly enough.)

- "What are we tearing up? Cause if it's that ass, I already got that covered." (Are we having fun yet, Ryan Hansen?)

- The first moment we hear Ruth's Valley/NYU girl voice, especially all of those "right?"s. (Other girls are so dumb!)

- The few awkward "woohs" and one single clap at Sophie's entrance.

- The second "I knew it, all you big-boobed people stick together."

- Caroline: "We have a box right here that's not touched." Max: "Look, we're not talking about your relationship anymore, we're done."

- The rat "looked at [Max] kind of rapey."

- Ew, the audio we're treated to when Caroline and Andy are having sex.

- Caroline said she and Max were painting their walls at 3 AM, but when Ruth rang the doorbell to their apartment later that night, Max says it's 2 AM, just in case there was any doubt that the writers don't even go back and proofread their scripts.

- Max's completely inability to manage her business on any level whatsoever. It's kind of the theme of Season 2!

Minute I stopped paying attention and had to rewind: 10:00 when Oleg brought in the rat traps.

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