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And the Emmy Goes To…

by Angel Cohn June 27, 2008 2:56 pm
And the Emmy Goes To…

One of these shows... maybe. The Academy of Arts and Sciences has released a list of the 10 comedy contenders and 10 top dramas that are in the running to be nominated for Emmys. Now, there's some good stuff on the list, along with some obvious shows that were overlooked (wouldn't be the Emmys if they didn't ignore some quality shows) and there is definitely a chance that we could have a good final five in both categories. ...Well, if the panel that's narrowing down the field does a decent job, which is where we come in. There are some tough choices, but here's what we'd like to see make the cut.

Not sure how How I Met Your Mother got left off this short list -- did Two and a Half Men somehow displace it? "Let's stick with the Emmy pattern of putting on shows that have overstayed their welcome just because they've always been on the list." Was that the thinking? Anyway, it's no surprise that Men is here, though it would be a blessing if it didn't make it to the final nominee list because, well, there's other good stuff that needs to be there instead.

Such as The Office, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty and Flight of the Conchords. That last spot I'd love to see go to Pushing Daisies, which I absolutely adore, but think that it will get creamed in the comedy category (though that's on the people that submitted it, not me). It is deserving of a nomination, but this colorful dramedy seems out of place with the other laffers. So instead maybe Weeds, which is funny, and running high off last season and current-season buzz. While it is nice to see an animated series get a nod, Family Guy is very hit-or-miss; I'd rather reward consistency.

I'd be truly bummed to see this lackluster season of Entourage get a nod. It doesn't matter to me if the show is a usual suspect in this category or not -- just because you've been there before doesn't mean you deserve to stay there if you aren't up to snuff. Oh, and that goes for Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well. I love grouchy Larry David and the wonderful Cheryl Hines, but this season barely even made a blip in my mind -- in fact, I'm having a hard time even remembering it, since it aired so long ago. If Enthusiasm earns a spot instead of the subtle and silly Conchords, clearly the Emmy voters need a little visit from the badass Rhymenocerous.

This is a tough, tough category. I'm not even going to bother complaining that Battlestar Galactica didn't make it on to Emmy's radar. Honestly, I probably would have been more surprised if it actually had made the list. Oh, and that goes double for Heroes, which was nom'd for its debut season, but rightly ignored this time around. I'm actually torn about the top five, and I don't envy those voting for this category. While I know what I'd ultimately like to see win (the exquisite Mad Men, of course) there are six shows that I'd like to see earn a nod from the Academy.

Friday Night Lights, House, Lost,.Mad Men, The Wire and Dexter. I guess I'd be willing to sacrifice Dexter from my best drama dream list if I could be somehow guaranteed that Michael C. Hall would be rewarded in some way for his role as the most lovable serial killer on the block.

I know that when the nominees are officially announced on July 17th, if I see Boston Legal on the screen, I'm going to start screaming... and not in a good way. And The Tudors, its a fine show, but at the end of the day, it just isn't really must-see-TV for me. Also, as much as I hate to love Grey's Anatomy, I'll be big-time pissed if this mess of a season gets nominated. There were some good moments along the way, but no episodes that really stand up to what the folks at Lost or The Wire have been doing with their groundbreaking television programs.

If a medical drama must be nominated (and I think that it's probably a given), House would be the one I'd like to see. This season really broke out of its formulaic mold and tried some new and different things. Some successfully, some not, but fairly ambitious given that it's on Fox, and not, say, FX.

All in all, I'll mostly only be up in arms if those wacky Emmy voters, who are notoriously stuck in the mud, keep with their traditions and nominate Entourage, Grey's or Boston Legal. I know that old habits die hard, but sometimes, broadening your horizons is a good thing. Sometimes.




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