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Nooooooooooooooooo! I've Had It With Stunt Casting

Are casting directors, showrunners and network executives purposely trying to conspire to force me to stop watching my favorite shows? Seriously, people. I'm OK with a little bit of stunt casting, but I've about had it up to here (gesturing approximately 12 inches above my head) with the starlets who find more fame on the pages of the tabloids than from doing any actual work, coming onto my favorite shows and mucking things up and then getting a lot of credit when the show gets a ratings boost.

There was Britney on How I Met Your Mother ... twice. OK, fine. Whatever. At least she didn't sing, and the writers actually gave her more to do than she did for the entire length of Crossroads (which I've seen, so I'm qualified to judge). Then there was Lindsay Lohan recently guesting on Ugly Betty, which in principle I hated, but in actuality wasn't all that terrible because she only got about two minutes of screen time and they made her look kind of heinous in gym clothes. Then yesterday I find out that Mary-Kate Olsen is going to be on Samantha Who? (though apparently she was actually kind of funny on Weeds which I find hard to believe -- looking at her sunken in face kind of disturbs me and doesn't really make me laugh).

And now, oh, and now, Josh Schwartz (who already has a first offense because he brought Paris Hilton on to The O.C.) is casting Nicole Richie in an episode of Chuck this fall. Really? Nicole Richie? Who is famous for what exactly? Um... being super thin, having a "feud" with her former BFF and starring on a reality show? Good god, you might as well just go ahead and put Heidi Montag on Lost and kill me now. Mr. Schwartz is probably insisting he's just doing what he feels is best for his show, attempting to draw a wider viewership (that will no longer include me). And of course, he claims that she formally auditioned and she was really funny. But really, I can't take it any more. He's putting former Giants player (don't ask me what position, I think I'm doing pretty awesome for even know it's football) Michael Strahan on an episode, which is fine. At least he has a skill... or something. It may not be acting, but I'm sure people said that about O.J. Simpson too when he retired from the sport and chose acting as a new career path... er... bad example.

Anyway, if you cant' tell, I'm really annoyed by this whole Nicole Richie thing. While I'm sure that Josh Schwartz and his team will come up with some great way to make her entertaining as Sarah's high school nemesis, I just worry that this is a sign of bad things to come.

I'm going to go drown my sorrows in some iced coffee and re-read my Chuck gallery and remind myself why I love that show in the vain hope that it will make me feel better about life, and the new fall season.




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