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Funny Ladies: The 10 (Kinda) Cut-Ups Who Have a Chance Of Winning an Emmy

So as we posted on Friday, the Emmy voting committee is revealing the finalists for some of their categories. Among today's revelations were the women primed for a spot on the Best Comedy Actress list. Personally, I don't get why three of the Desperate Housewives stars are nominated this year. I can't even sit through an entire episode, but if you are going to put Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and even Eva Longoria Parker on the list, why not add Teri Hatcher? I mean, Eva over Teri? Really? Clearly Emmy nominators were not subjected to Over Her Dead Body or they would have realized that acting isn't exactly Mrs. Parker's strong suit. I realize that they are judging her specific Housewives performance, but the commercials for that movie alone should disqualify her from winning any sort of acting award, ever.

Up against the Housewives juggernaut (which is especially confusing considering that the show didn't even make the comedy short list... but I digress) are some people who I'd like to see get their just desserts. America Ferrara (of course), Tina Fey (funniest woman on TV. Period.), Mary-Louise Parker (she's all kinds of crazy and wacky on Weeds) and Anna Friel, who is up for Pushing Daisies. (Though like the show, I think she'll get trounced in this category since she's not really funny but merely a fine actress on a quirky show). I like Christina Applegate, but she's not really the funny person on Samantha Who? -- she's kind of the straight woman that funny stuff happens around. I don't know if that counts as being the Best Comedy Actress. Then there's Sarah Silverman, who I run hot and cold with. She's remarkably entertaining... in small doses... but her show is a whole lot of her. While it would be great to see such a cool edgy actually funny person get a nod, I'm betting the Academy goes with safe bet Julia Louis-Dreyfus instead. Which, I'm honestly OK with... so long as it means that the Housewives aren't on the list.




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