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Support System: The Maybes for the Dramatic Acting Sidekick Award

Yeah, you know the deal with this whole nominating thing by now, but if I were in the cast of Lost, I don't think I'd want to be around Terry O'Quinn today. The talented actor didn't make the short list of potential Supporting Drama Actor Emmy nominees for his role as knife enthusiast John Locke on Lost. It's kind of a surprise since he won the thing last year, but I'm guessing he was out creepy guyed by Michael Emerson's Ben. If you can only put one intense dude from a show on the list, he'd be the one this time around. Still, I'm surprised to see Naveen Andrews on this list. Not that he's not great, just that if I were picking another Lostie (which I guess is what Tubeys are for...) I would have picked Henry Ian Cusick for his heartbreaking work in "The Constant" episode.

Aside from Lost, John Slattery (of Mad Men) had better get a nod, or I might have to picket. As for the other dramatic supporting actors, I'm not really sure at this point I have five favorites to make the list. I mean, it seems weird that Christian Clemenson, William Shatner (both of Boston Legal) are in the mix, but the dramedy thing is always perplexing. I'd really rather not see T.R. Knight get rewarded for playing cry baby George on Grey's Anatomy on this lackluster season. If someone from that show had to be nominated (and really, it isn't an obligation, Emmy people, so don't get any ideas) perhaps Justin Chambers would have been the better choice.

There's no one from House on this list of eleven gents (sorry Robert Sean Leonard, being pissed off at your best friend isn't enough), no Vincent Kartheiser from Mad Men (who out creeps even Michael Emerson), no Hiro from Heroes (Thank goodness. I love you Masi Oka, but last season was not your shining moment) and unsurprisingly no one from Battlestar Galactica. I'm so distracted by John Slattery at the moment, that I really can't concentrate on the possibility of anyone else really even being nominated, none the less winning.

As for the Best Supporting Drama Actress category, I'm equally unenthusiastic, aside from being annoyed that Katherine Heigl pulled herself out of the running, because I would have loved for her to be ignored, so that I could laugh heartily at her expense. My Mad Men obsession makes me bummed that January Jones isn't on the list, her Betty Draper is so delicious, but hooray for Christina Hendricks being recognized for her subtle work as the slutty secretary. I do feel for poor Connie Britton -- she's so good on Friday Night Lights, but so forgotten.

Out of the actual 11 contenders, I'd like to see S. Epatha Merkerson and Chandra Wilson make the cut, as they are both my favorite scene stealers on their respective shows, as well as the aforementioned Christina Hendricks. For me it is a toss up between Sandra Oh and Rachel Griffiths but I'm leaning towards Griffiths for a nod. The other spot could go to any of the other ladies and I'd be happy, I mean, how does one chose between Jill Clayburgh, Sharon Gless, Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen? Tough call. For this one, I'm glad it isn't on me to choose.




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