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It Costs a Lot of Money to Be This Annoying

by Mindy Monez August 11, 2008 12:13 pm
It Costs a Lot of Money to Be This Annoying Salary renegotiations with Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly have started up at Lost, and since I like to get overly enraged about anything involving Kate/Evangeline Lilly for no reason in particular, here's a rant for your Monday morning. THR is reporting that the two stars are currently being paid $150,000 per episode (nearly twice what the other regulars are paid, by the way) and would like to be paid more. While I think this is fine for Matthew Fox because he really is the face of the show and his character has to be in charge of everything and I just don't like when people pick on him, (even though I kind of did once), when I read what they were being paid I thought only one thing: I wouldn't pay Evangeline Lily 150 cents to do anything! I don't even care if it was something amazing. If someone ran up to me and said "Evangeline Lilly told me she'd wrestle a grizzly bear with her bare hands for the low, low price of 150 cents," I would not offer to pay it.

Why do I have this hatred (or "Katred," as my roommate calls it), you ask? Because all Evangeline Lilly ever does is bitch about Hawaii and be annoyingly oblivious about the process of making a television show she's been on for four years in DVD extras (seriously, I think it's on the Season 3 extras -- she just wanders around the set with a camera asking the crew what their job is, which she should really know by now, and saying things like "What's a prop?" -- I'm not exaggerating. She really asked that.) And in terms of the character she plays, well, if you don't know why Kate sucks by now, then you're just not my kind of Lost fan. As I've stated many times before, she just ruins everything. I mean, what is the point of her? She doesn't even like "Taco Night," and "Taco Night" is universally accepted as the greatest thing in the world! How are you going to pay someone who hates Hawaii in reality and "Taco Night" in fiction upwards of $150,000 a week? To torture me and drive me insane? Obviously. Gah! The rage! I've been thwarted by my arch nemesis Evangeline Lilly yet again! Alright, rant over. I think I'll go watch a Desmond episode and try to get my sanity back.




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