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Phelps Plunges Into Sketch Comedy Pool

by Angel Cohn August 28, 2008 9:46 am
Phelps Plunges Into Sketch Comedy Pool

Awesome news. Just when I'd run out of excuses to keep writing about the Olympics. Michael Phelps swoops in and saves the day. (Thank you, Michael!) Hot off of his record-breaking performance at the Olympics, swimmer Phelps has been tapped to host the season opener of Saturday Night Live. I'm thinking I might need to find some excuse to work in the office (here at 30 Rock) on Saturday, September 13th so that I can stalk catch a glimpse of the golden boy. Personally, I love when sports stars host SNL. I don't expect them to be funny, so I'm always pleasantly surprised if they are. Plus, its nice seeing the athletes, who are usually so dead serious during their competitions, loosen up a little bit.

Given that all we've seen of Phelps is his "aw, shucks, it was nothing..." attitude and also given that he's pretty new to the limelight, I'm not expecting rolling on the floor laughter (though I don't really expect that much from SNL in general anymore). I am however predicting that there will be several jokes about dolphins, a fake commercial for a Chico's-like store featuring Debbie Phelps (or someone pretending to be her), some sort of digital short about swimming or laser cats who are on the verge of drowning and need to be saved, and likely one of those ridiculously stupid segments with the talk show where the interviewer only speaks Italian, smokes a lot and doesn't know anything about his guest (god, I hate that sketch, but they keep recycling it). Though it would be kind of hilarious if they could get John C. Reilly to make a guest appearance in order to revive his crazy swimming instructor (see clip below).




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