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Jen Aniston’s <i>30 Rock</i> Appearance Makes Me Feel Funny Wait wait wait wait wait. What is this? Jen Aniston on 30 Rock? Well okay. If anyone can make that work, it's Tina Fey. Look how not crappy David Schwimmer was when he guested as AWOL eco-superhero Greenzo! And if they can work that kind of magic on Ross, who is by far the most annoying/least successful/unfunniest Friends alum, then they have more than a fighting chance with Maniston, who was always the highpoint of that dumb-ass show anyhow. The only thing that has me the slightest bit concerned is that, according to published reports, Jen, Tina and Jane Krakowski are going to engage in some sort of Friends dream sequence wherein Aniston will reprise her role as Rachel, Fey will be Courtney Cox's Monica and Krakowski will step in for Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe. This is TV you guys! 30 Rock has never failed to churn out solid, knee-slapping parodies, but can't we get a little fantastical one of these days instead of trotting out the "clever" and "interesting" meta tropes that've become so ubiquitous of late? Ohhh look! It's Jerry Seinfeld playing Jerry Seinfeld! It's Tracy Morgan playing a sometimes drunk, hilariously inscrutable whackadoo who stars in a sketch comedy show! It's NBC playing a corporate monolith that's more interested in marketing microwave ovens than fostering artistic growth in its secondary incarnation as an entertainment company! We get it! It's cute! It's funny! But can you quit winking at us and give us some escapism instead of one big inside joke for once?

If you insist on having Aniston play some rendition of either herself or a character she's previously inhabited -- instead of, say, a time-traveling Mormon dog whisperer -- at least make fun of her tabloid persona and the whole Brad Pitt/John Mayer travesty. Please?

You know what? Forget it. I was hoping to bring you guys down a peg because you're way too close to godlike perfection as it is. The truth is, you seem to have the whole hilarious and awesome thing down, whereas I have never been involved in creating a hit comedy show for NBC. (What, like it's hard?) So proceed. But I'll be watching you!




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The Telefile

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