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Doctor Who‘s Doctor Is Leaving

by Angel Cohn October 30, 2008 11:29 am
<I>Doctor Who</I>‘s Doctor Is Leaving

I was in the middle of painstakingly carving my Doctor Who pumpkin last night (see picture for more proof that I'm a big nerd), featuring David Tennant and the Tardis when my husband looks up from his computer to tell me that the 10th doctor officially announced he'd be leaving the show. I had heard the rumblings that he might be leaving and the speculation about who might be the 11th doctor, but since nothing had been set in stone, I didn't want to believe it was true. Now that the adorkable Tennant has confirmed it, I guess I have to let this news sink in.

Tennant is finishing out his run with the upcoming Christmas Special (which will not include J.K. Rowling) and then he'll do the four specials in 2009 (which won't feature Prince Charles). And I'm trying to be fine with it. I am. Really. I was skeptical when Christopher Eccelston left, but immediately fell in love with Tennant's portrayal. But I'm just extra wary because Russell T. Davies (who revived the series) is also departing at the same time as Tennant... and there's only so much change a person like me can handle.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Steven Moffat (who is taking over for Davies) for his work on Coupling (the good, UK version) and for giving me recurring nightmares with the Who episode "Blink." I will never look at statues the same way again. And I'm sure that they'll find someone really talented to take over for Tennant, they seem to have an amazing casting department over there... but still, it's a lot of change, all at once, and it is giving me mild panic attacks. But... at least I've got my pumpkin to comfort me.




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