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Fey's Palin Impression Impresses Again

by Lauren Gitlin October 6, 2008 11:33 am
If you're like me, you couldn't stomach watching the entirety of the VP debate last week, which is why it's so serendipitous that SNL put on another one of its little parodies, effectively capturing all the main talking points the debate covered: Joe Biden is gay for McCain, Gwen Ifill is laughably non-neutral and Tina Fey should really think about running for office ... Seriously, if there's one thing that might swing this election, it's Fey's spot-on portrayal of Sarah Palin. Considering the formidable demo that forms its political opinions based on SNL sketches -- which I count myself among -- the ongoing Palin joke might be just what the Obama camp needs to get an edge in this damned race to the presidency. Either that or the opposite of that statement. Either way, if you have a life and were out on Saturday night missed the fantastic sketch from this past Saturday's show, peep it after the jump. Oh, and vote, duh.




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