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So a sad rumor leaked today for all of us Sarah Connor Chronicles fans (the few! The proud!). Apparently Fox is fed up with the show's low ratings -- particularly the fact that it's not being watched by those sexy 18 to 49-year-olds advertisers are obsessed with for no good reason. They're also terrified that the show is bringing down their beloved Prison Break's ratings by being a less than stellar lead-in. So they're pretty much just going to cancel it, possibly as early as tomorrow. Literally. Tomorrow. It's no secret that the show is inconsistent and has a lot of storytelling problems, and I'm still in the camp that believes Lena Headey was miscast as Sarah Connor (I do, however, think she's a good actress. I just don't think she's right for this particular role), but Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green are fantastic, and so are a lot of the other actors and characters. The show has many, many moments of sheer fun, and I honestly do kind of miss it already. Wow, sorry to go all Maudlin Mindy all over everyone. I didn't mean to! Now go watch some cyborgs get the party started after the jump!




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The Telefile

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