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The 2011 TV Cancellations We're Happiest About

Aaaaaaaaaaaand... they're out of here. The powers that be at the various networks got out their axes and started chopping this week in preparation for upfronts, and while guilty pleasure Off the Map and the genuinely solid cop dramas The Chicago Code and Detroit 1-8-7 were butchered in the process, most of the cuts were richly deserved. Here are the ones we're least likely to miss:

Brothers & Sisters
We had numerous reasons why this show's time was up, and thankfully, the folks at ABC granted our wish. Most likely because they had no cast members left.

$#*! My Dad Says
We'll never again have to stop and remember what random punctuation we need to use in order to make this Twitter account sanitary for network television. Or the lame jokes that they needed to make this once original Twitter account acceptable for our grandmas to watch.

The weak spot in the Thursday night comedy block (we've already forgotten the previously cancelled Paul Reiser Show), this lazy comedy was always a letdown after 30 Rock.

Perhaps in a few more decades, the Visitors will make another return to Earth and producers will find a way to make a show about lizard people exciting. Until then, we hope Anna and her stupid blue energy have safe (and blissful) travels back to their home planet.

The Event
In the pilot episode, we saw a plane disappear into thin air, and then we spent the rest of the season just waiting and waiting for something else that was equally ridiculous and fun. Instead, we've had a lot of poorly written dialogue, so at this point, we're kind of rooting for the fake human population to be wiped out in the series finale.

Although this one also fell into the guilty pleasure category, it really was quite a terrible show. So while there's part of us that will miss the implausible conceit of a pre-law cheerleader and her perky cohorts doling out justice and back handsprings, our brain cells are grateful that she and her half-shirts are gone for good.

The Defenders
Aw, Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi. We couldn't really buy you as lawyers. Not even sort of sleazy Vegas lawyers. Better luck next time.

Human Target
How did such a great premise become such a stupid generic cop show? It was a massive disappointment and was lucky to have been on as long as it was.

No Ordinary Family
Was it worse than Heroes? Maybe not, but given a second season, it probably would have been. We're pretty sure they could have found a way to turn Michael Chiklis into an insufferable child without his adult memories, or sent the whole family back to feudal Japan.

Perfect Couples/Better With You/Traffic Light/Mad Love
Happy Endings was the only one of these cloned shows about a varying number of friends/couples who do quirky things like play board games and talk about their issues with the opposite sex to survive the season. We were hoping for a clean sweep, but four out of five ain't bad.

Law & Order: LA/ Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
We didn't really have strong feelings about either of these spinoffs, but we're hopeful that this is a sign that the procedural cop show as we know it might be a dying breed.

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