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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Finally, someone on Jersey Shore earns a spot on our list. Took them long enough.

Ashley (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Our desire to shake some sense in this self-involved young woman increases every single week. Not only does she ignore her mom and stepdad, who give her everything, but this week she also ignored the father she claims to worship. But the real kicker (aside from her plan to move to California and party all the time, which she expects her parents to fully fund) was that her defense for her actions was basically that at least she didn't get knocked up young like her mother did. Is 20 too old for time outs?

Kasey (Bachelor Pad)
He decided that Melissa was the devil after she gave a rose to someone else, because no one else is allowed to have any strategies (or hookups). Then he freaked out when there was a twist announced and offered to pack up and leave. Again. He's really insufferable and that voice just drives us up a wall.

Cathy (Design Star)
We're so glad she's gone. During her entire stint on the show, she was extremely bossy and unwilling to listen or be a team player. And how many times did we have to hear about all of her previous television experience. This week she was particularly horrible by bragging about how her weddings have appeared in three (count 'em) national magazines... before she put together the ugliest, flowerless sweetheart table we've ever seen.

The Situation (Jersey Shore)
We're not sure if he was lying about hooking up with Snooki or not, but it really doesn't matter. Don't spend your time hitting on Snooki when you've got another girl in your bed. It's gross. Also gross: trying to bang twins, then going with another option (which seems to have been sleeping) and then only taking them out for breakfast because you were the victim of a prank. And is it just us or did he nearly crush that poor girl when a bird attacked them? Ah, chivalry.

Dan and Rooftop (LA Ink)
Both of these guys were asses this week with a prank that went too far. Rooftop (who deserves a place on this list because of his name alone) poked fun at Dan's artistic ability, Dan got him back by permanently tattooing his name in a heart on Rooftop's ankle and then the idiot boys were finally even after Rooftop branded Dan in turn. We mostly feel bad for Rooftop's mom though, since Rooftop's "Dan" tattoo was originally supposed to be a tribute to her.

Winner: Kasey
Thinking about him making his tattoo throb is triggering our gag reflex. "It's guard and protect time." Ugh.

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