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<i>Community</i>: Crisis Resolution, Model UN Style

Crisis: Last night's Community was not one of its strongest outings. Should we be worried that the series had an off episode so early in its third season?

Point of Order: That's overstating the case somewhat. Sure, last night's episode wasn't as on-point as the premiere, but it would be a mistake to portray it as all bad. We move to appeal that characterization.

Point of Information: What parts of the episode worked?

TWoP Position Paper: The introduction of Annie's Asian doppelganger Annie Kim is a promising addition to the Greendale Universe. We enjoyed watching the two's passive-aggressive squabbling and the way it brought out Jeff's creepily protective side. Annie's tantrum was a marvelous moment for the character as well and a great bit of comic acting by Alison Brie, who looked especially fetching throughout the episode. Abed's hilarious obsession with Earth 2 during the Model UN debates had us wanting to pull out our trade paperback copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Britta locking herself up in a cage and eating Chang's warning note to prove her protestor bona fides cracked us up too. It was also a pleasure to see Martin Starr nab some face time as Professor Cligoris, the best name for a political science teacher we think we've ever heard. In conclusion, we'd like to note that any episode with the following five funny lines can't be all bad:
"So you're Clark M. Eichelberger. So I've had your photo around my neck since I was in high school."
"I'm sorry, I don't understand your relationship. Is he your father or your lover?"
"So the key to winning this thing is, when in doubt, agree with Annie."
"I'll follow you... from a respectful distance."
"Abed, what did I tell you? You can't just mumble nonsense -- no one is cutting away."

Point of Order: It's a requirement for TV writers to refer to him as Freaks and Geeks' Martin Starr.

Chair: So noted. Party Down's Martin Starr is also acceptable.

Point of Information: Surely the TWoP representative would agree that the episode had its flaws?

TWoP Representative: Naturally. The resolution to the Model UN storyline was entirely unsatisfying and practically nonsensical, which at least Professor Cligoris acknowledged when he handed the victory to the Blue Team. We're also sorry the writers resorted to fart jokes as a way to get themselves out of the debate sequence. The Lionel Richie "Hello" gag was funny the first time, considerably less so the second and third. And we're still sick of Chang.

Point of Personal Privilege: Can Chang be reduced to recurring character status. Please? This security guard shtick just isn't clicking, even though the sight of him protecting a garbage can inspired some chuckles. But for the most part, his scenes are often physically painful to watch.

Point of Information: Should we be concerned that Season 3 has gotten off to a slower start than Season 2?

TWoP Representative: Of course not. While the show hasn't been as consistently hilarious out of the gate, last week's episode set up some promising material for the rest of the year, what with the introduction of John Goodman and Michael K. Williams and the revelation that Troy and Abed had moved in together. None of those storylines cropped up again here, but the writers did revisit the Jeff and Annie attraction. Shippers no doubt swooned when Jeff alluded to his "feelings for her" and at their almost-kiss on the study lounge couch. So the pieces are being moved into place for the season ahead. Be patient -- if nothing else, Halloween is coming soon and that episode sounds like it'll be a doozy. Dan Harmon told us so. We move to table debate and proceed to voting on the resolution.

Point of Order: You do realize this recap bears no resemblance to the way an actual Model UN session works?

Chair: That's okay, neither did the episode. Resolution to give Community another chance before hitting the panic button has reached the floor. By a vote of 3.98 million viewers the resolution has passed. Meeting adjourned.




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