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TWoP Makes Spreading the Snark Easier Than Ever

Television Without Pity readers have never been shy about expressing their thoughts about the best and worst of television, movies, and pop culture -- in fact, they've set the online standard for passionate, in-depth and highly focused viewer reactions and analysis. So now TWoP has a new way to let your opinions be heard -- both on the site and beyond. Here's how you can now get the most out of the TWoP social experience:

Sign In & Share Via Facebook
In the upper right column on all of our editorial pages (right above the square ad), you'll now find a Facebook button. Once you've logged in with your screen name, you'll be able to:
* Share your activities on TWoP to Facebook's News Feeds, Timeline and Ticker.
* Let your friends know which recaps, blogs and photo galleries you're looking at.
* Send an invitation to your friends to look at TWoP content and talk about it.

See What Your Friends Are Up To
With the Latest Activity module in the lower right column of our pages, you'll be able to check out what your friends are doing on TWoP (who's the closet Pretty Little Liars fan in your social network?) as well as see what other users have read lately.

Stay in Control
You can easily turn sharing on and off whenever you like by simply clicking the button in the Share the Snark/Facebook box in the upper right. So no one has to know that you religiously read every single Bunheads recap -- unless you want them to.

Post Comments Easier and in More Places
We've completely replaced the commenting system on all of our blogs. Now to comment on TWoP, you just need to log in via your account with Facebook, Twitter or a host of other major social media platforms. Plus, we've expanded the ability to post comments beyond our blogs to all of our editorial content -- even special sections like our Tubey Awards and Season Previews.

Sign Up to Play Our New Games
We've also launched Games Without Pity, an extensive new area on TWoP featuring a huge number of casual games to play while you're watching TV or (more likely) when you're supposed to be working. The games are all free -- you just need to have a TWoP account (not to be confused with a Forums account). To get a jump start on that, just click the red Register button at the top of any of our pages (above our yellow navigation bar) and follow the instructions for creating your new TWoP profile. Then you'll be able to dive in to Games Without Pity anytime you want to play.




Get the most of your experience.
Share the Snark!

See content relevant to you based on what your friends are reading and watching.

Share your activity with your friends to Facebook's News Feed, Timeline and Ticker.

Stay in Control: Delete any item from your activity that you choose not to share.



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