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<I>Parks and Recreation:</i> Who Made the Comedy Grade This Week? (Part 2)

The first scene of "Jerry's Retirement" has the triumphant return of Ben's Letters to Cleo shirt, so you knew it was going to be fun. I didn't love it as much as "Article Two," but the premise of Jerry retiring was hilarious, and it only further confirms my theory that in the season finale, we'll learn that Leslie, April and Ann are all pregnant... you know, assuming there's a bit of a time-jump or something. Until then, let's do this:

Leslie, Ben and Jerry: B
This was a great episode for seeing LesliBen enjoy their relationship and for the shaming of Jerry juxtaposed with his ever-satisfying home life, but I would have hoped for a few more surprises from it. I mean, yes, mac and cheese pizza sounds amazing and I loved how confused everyone was about Jerry's retirements (and the callback to him saying he only has two years left was perfect), but it was missing a reference to Jerry's public urination and I do need to nitpick the retconning that Jerry always left at 5, when we clearly say him at so many after-hours government events, not to mention his late-night duties when he volunteered for Leslie's campaign. Just sayin'. RIP Jerry, retire in peace (and I'm glad you're not really going away).
Best Lines:
Leslie: "Every memory deserves to be chronicled -- even the saggy ones."

Leslie: "This is everything in his file: A handicap parking sticker from when he got gout; a Parks & Rec golf cart driving examine, which he failed; a scathing performance review... I mean, why would anyone be so mean? Oh wait, I wrote this. I stand by it."

Ben: "Well, Jerry was never the type to rise above mediocrity... or to it."

Leslie: "You know, I'm not really into breakfast foods."
Jerry: "Really? Your purse is shaped like a waffle." (Episode highlight.)

Jerry: "Whoa ho ho! You almost dropped that, clumsy!" (Episode highlight.)

Ben: "It's all right. I mean, after you fell asleep making Jerry's scrapbook, I went back to Season One of Fringe to check for plot holes. As I suspected: airtight."

Ron, Filo Pilo, Ink Dracula, April and Donna: B+
Ron feeling empathy for Tom was sweet, but what I liked even better was that there was no mention to the giant meat sandwich he was holding while Tom bared his soul to him. God, any every word out of Andy's mouth was hilarious. I was also wishing for bigger laughs from this plot, but it was still pretty great.
Best Lines:
April: "We are all out of water, actually. I'll have to use boiling hot milk."

Ron: "Jerry, thank you for your service. Goodbye."

Andy: "See you tomorrow, Jerry."

April: "Torturing Jerry was my favorite thing in the world. After making out with you."
Andy: "Remember when we did both at the same time? It made him so uncomfortable!"

Tom: "This is how it begins. The next Jerry. One screwed up sentence, and 30 years later I'm wearing aqua marine sweater-vests and listening to Bonnie Raitt and The Da Vinci Code on my iPod," and later, "All right, I'm gonna go buy some sweatpants and a Nicholas Sparks novel. Might as well lean into it."

Andy: "See you tomorrow, Jeremy."

Andy: "Anybody would be lucky to marry him. Hey Taylor, do you wanna marry me and April?"
Taylor: "Wish I could, man, but I'm not a marriage dude. I've got a lot of love to give and it just seems unfair to put boundaries on it."
Donna: "He gets it. You so get it."

Ron: "Jerry will come in once a week, and everyone will get to watch him eat, and talk to him about anything he might do or say or fart."

Andy: "Heh heh heh heh, classic new guy."

Ann and Chris: B+
I'm still not feeling their heat, but I do like their hookup, and the little mention that Ann transferred out of her job and no longer is Chris's employee. Nice tight writing.
Best Lines:
Chris, on habing the resting heart rate of a 100-year-old tortoise: "Yes, I get that a lot."

Chris: "Goodbye, Ann Perkins, my excellent employee. Hello, Ann Perkins, my fallopian princess!"

Honorable mentions: The senior citizens of Pawnee and their graphic thank you notes (the second thing Ben suggested burning this evening); Leslie Knope, City Councilor: A Scrapbook of Reflection: The Journey Begins: or: Time is the Relentless and Cruel Enemy of The Devoted Civil Servant; Harris from Animal Control, the current Sperm Donor Champion (what does that even mean?); Brandi Maxxx for getting the people of Pawnee off, as always; Stuart V. Knudson, who "sounds like a good dude"; Taylor, who I miss already; and the Ben & Leslie Family Album which, knowing Leslie, was obviously inspired by Up.

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