Portlandia is 2 Broke Girls for the Discerning Viewer’s Soul

by Rachel Stein January 6, 2012 6:00 am
<i>Portlandia</i> is <I>2 Broke Girls</i> for the Discerning Viewer’s Soul

IFC is doing a serious media blitz for Season 2 of Portlandia and there's a good reason why: the Fred Armisen-Carrie Brownstein vehicle is pretty damn funny and only improving with time. Perhaps the campaign has drawn the attention of those who aren't usually fans of IFC shows or shy away from anything that looks this hipster-y. If you're amongst that crowd, I encourage you to give it a shot (new installments return tonight at 10 PM, and if you Like its Facebook page, you can even watch the full second episode for free, right now) , especially if you like, hate or have any kind of opinion on CBS' 2 Broke Girls. Here's why it's worth your time:



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