Amy Poehler, Adam Scott and Mike Schur Talk Leslie and Ben’s <I>Parks and Recreation</i> Wedding

Fans of Parks and Recreation have been looking forward to the "Wedding of the Millennium" ever since the moment that Ben Wyatt first locked eyes with Leslie Knope. Amy Poehler and Adam Scott's on-screen chemistry is undeniable, so when they and Mike Schur (Parks & Rec's creator, writer, producer and director) took a media call on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming nuptials, it should come as no surprise that the trio's rapport was just as charming. Below are the highlights.

Parks and Recreation‘s Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza Talk Season 5

by Samantha Rullo September 19, 2012 4:16 pm
<i>Parks and Recreation</i>‘s Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza Talk Season 5

It's been a very long summer without our favorite local government, but they're finally back. Parks and Recreation will return for its fifth season tomorrow, and we couldn't be more excited to catch up with the Pawnee gang -- even if a few of the members are out-of-town. We talked to Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza about their characters, and in between cracking us up and bringing out our inner fangirls, we learned what to expect for the new season.

Talking Friends (And Kids) With Adam Scott

by Ethan Alter March 6, 2012 2:11 pm
Talking Friends (And Kids) With Adam Scott

Although all of the ads for the new romantic comedy Friends with Kids play up the movie's impressive ensemble -- Jon Hamm! Kristen Wiig! Maya Rudolph! Megan Fox! -- they don't indicate that Adam Scott is actually the movie's leading man. The Parks and Recreation star plays Jason Fryman, a single-and-loving-it New Yorker who decides to enter into an unusual arrangement with his best friend, Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt, who also wrote and directed the movie): they'll have a kid together and share joint custody, but since they're not actually attracted to each other, they won't bother with marriage. At first, this arrangement gives Jason the best of both worlds as he's able to experience the fun of fatherhood while also being able to indulge his single guy hormones by dating a smoking hot Broadway dancer (Megan Fox). But then... well, you'll just have to see the movie for yourself. In town for the movie's premiere, Scott spoke with us about how he scored the gig and what costume he wore for Halloween last year. (Hint: He previously donned it for a very popular episode of Parks and Rec.)

<i>Parks and Recreation</i>: Where to Watch the Cast During the Show’s Hiatus

Dammit, Jerry/Gerry/Garry/Larry! Don't ask us how it's his fault that NBC is putting Parks and Recreation more or less on hiatus until January 2014, but he is, we just know it. Sadly, that news is true: due to some infuriating schedule switcheroos, we won't get the new Halloween episode of Parks and Rec until November 14 so it can be preempted for episodes of The Voice and an SNL special. After back-to-back episodes on November 14 and 21, there will be a break and we won't see Leslie Knope and Co. again until January 9, 2014. While Adam Scott assured fans nothing fishy is going on, it was heartbreaking enough when we had to deal with the uncertain future of Parks and Rec, but now that we have it back, we can't actually have it? And, nice try, but none of this will get any of us to watch Sean Saves the World because, you know, we have eyes.



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