<I>Anger Management</I>: This Show Needs a Rapid Infusion of Tiger Blood

The biggest problem with Anger Management isn't that it's focused on the antics of Charlie Sheen that unfolded over the last year or so in the media, but the fact that it falls back to Charlie Sheen's typical sitcom shtick instead of taking advantage of his outrageous public personality. In fact, the show comes off more like a modern day version of The Bob Newhart Show, albeit with blunt talk about sex. And despite the fact that it airs on FX, home of the edgy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie and the weirdly wonderful Wilfred, it actually more closely resembles Sheen's last sitcom Two and a Half Men in look, feel and attitude. And that's a disappointment. It's like FX was so excited to land Sheen after his meltdown that they didn't bother to make sure the sitcom they bought was a good fit for their network brand, or that it was something anyone would actually want to watch.



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