<i>Parks & Recreation</i>: You Take the Good (“Filibuster”), You Take the Sad (“Recall Vote”)

I was beyond excited for a double dose of Parks & Rec after the long unexpected hiatus, but perhaps my hopes were too high. The "Filibuster" episode had me laughing really hysterically, much to my neighbor's chagrin, I'm sure. But "Recall Vote" fell pretty flat. "Filibuster" was filled with weird quirky sex kinks, '90s costumes, Leslie at her most earnest and had Andy and Orphan Black herself Tatiana Maslany. "Recall Vote" had a lot of Tom trying to be popular and a pretty lame Halloween theme that really felt out of place two weeks late. Here's hoping that next week's back-to-back episodes don't suffer the same fate.

<i>Parks and Recreation</i>: Where to Watch the Cast During the Show’s Hiatus

Dammit, Jerry/Gerry/Garry/Larry! Don't ask us how it's his fault that NBC is putting Parks and Recreation more or less on hiatus until January 2014, but he is, we just know it. Sadly, that news is true: due to some infuriating schedule switcheroos, we won't get the new Halloween episode of Parks and Rec until November 14 so it can be preempted for episodes of The Voice and an SNL special. After back-to-back episodes on November 14 and 21, there will be a break and we won't see Leslie Knope and Co. again until January 9, 2014. While Adam Scott assured fans nothing fishy is going on, it was heartbreaking enough when we had to deal with the uncertain future of Parks and Rec, but now that we have it back, we can't actually have it? And, nice try, but none of this will get any of us to watch Sean Saves the World because, you know, we have eyes.

Parks and Recreation: A Wreck, But Can It Be Fixed?

by Angel Cohn May 7, 2009 2:20 pm
<I>Parks and Recreation</I>: A Wreck, But Can It Be Fixed?

It was announced this week that midseason sitcom Parks and Recreation earned itself a spot on the NBC lineup next fall. Which is somewhat of a shock, since the show hasn't really been all that funny, and NBC has a very limited amount of space come next season due to Jay Leno taking over five hours of valuable primetime space. The show has a good pedigree (being from the executive producers of The Office) and serious comedic potential (with Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari) but after four episodes we're pretty bored. However, The Office's first season (which also started in the spring) was pretty dull too. It wasn't until season two when The Office finally stopped trying to be a copycat of the UK version and decided to be its own show, that it actually got funny. If Parks and Recreation decides next season to stop being an Office clone, it has a chance at improving. Here are our suggestions.



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