Parenthood: This Week’s Chuckle, Cry and Cringe

by Rachel Stein September 19, 2012 6:00 am
<i>Parenthood</i>: This Week’s Chuckle, Cry and Cringe

Aside from ruining "Funkytown" for me, "Left Field" was another pleasant outing for Parenthood. Though it didn't pack as much punch as the season premiere, the episode moved the plot forward and proved that Ray Romano is not being used in vain. The main reason I enjoyed "Left Field" is because Drew didn't get Amy preggers. I was sure that after the show made such a big deal about the littlest Holt finally getting some during last season's finale, we'd come back to see his girlfriend five months pregnant. I feel bad for the guy and everything about his first heart break, but I have no doubt that if he's still upset even after talking to Hank, Amber will give him a pep talk and all faith will be resorted. That or he'll sleep with Amy's best friend. Either way.

Chuck: What We Loved (and Hated) About the Series

by Angel Cohn January 27, 2012 9:30 am
<I>Chuck</I>: What We Loved (and Hated) About the Series

We've been frustrated with this last season, but there was a time when we found Chuck quite charming, so much so that we actually looked forward to each new episode. Now we're mostly glad that the show is finally ending. Here's what we've missed about the series, and what we won't once it's gone.

Chuck: Causing Chaos at Comic-Con

by Angel Cohn July 28, 2009 3:59 pm
<I>Chuck</I>: Causing Chaos at Comic-Con

Yesterday I ranted about how disappointed I was about the Star Wars panel that G4 decided to air on TV as the first ever Comic-Con panel to be broadcast, and griped that maybe some other more deserving panels could have been chosen. Then the nice folks at NBC (who sign my paycheck) decided to put up the Chuck panel on Hulu so I could see the whole thing. Well, mostly. The intro song by Jeffster! was cut (you can watch it here) most likely because of music rights. Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" probably doesn't come cheap.

Chuck: What We Want to See Next Season

by Angel Cohn May 18, 2009 3:48 pm
<I>Chuck</I>: What We Want to See Next Season

NBC has finalized a deal to bring Chuck back for 13 episodes and ordinarily, I'd be upset that it was so few, but considering how close this show came to cancellation, I'll take whatever I can get. This does mean that the show will have to cut down on appearances by some of its recurring cast members -- maybe even lose someone altogether -- and just generally make budget cuts all around. That might be a little difficult considering that the season just ended with Chuck inheriting an entire set of spy skills that could require some wild James Bond/Jason Bourne/Sydney Bristow stunts and action sequences. With that in mind, here's what we'd like to see next season -- though frankly, the fact that I can type the words "next season" makes me so giddy that I won't quibble if they go their own way.

Chuck: The Most Awesomely Awesome Episode Ever

by Angel Cohn April 21, 2009 3:09 pm
<I>Chuck</I>: The Most Awesomely Awesome Episode Ever

I know I already wrote a whole big post about why Chuck should get a third season, and even Josh Schwartz doesn't know if his show stands a chance in hell at coming back, but after this week's episode, I'm going to be hella pissed off if this show doesn't return next fall. I'm not joking. "Chuck Versus the Colonel" was one of the most enjoyable and well rounded hours of television I've watched in a very long time. It was romantic, funny, had lots of resolution and was filled with explosions. Everything a girl could want, or at least everything this girl could want. If it weren't for the last two minutes, it could have been a finale for the show. Instead, we've got more badass Chevy Chase coming our way next week for an episode that Schwartz claims will not give fans closure they want if it ends up being the series finale. Well, damn. So I'm going to try and think positive, I've got my fingers and toes crossed for renewals, I've started mumbling little prayers in the elevators here at 30 Rock on the off chance that some exec might be listening and take it to a higher power and I'm going to celebrate the time we have left ... however long that is. With that, here were my five favorite moments from Monday's episode.

Chuck: Seven Reasons It Deserves a Third Season

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2009 2:11 pm
<I>Chuck</I>: Seven Reasons It Deserves a Third Season

It's spring and upfronts are on the way, which means that it's time for the networks to decide which shows they want to keep and which get cut. Chuck falls into the "bubble" show category -- series that do passably well, but haven't gotten a pick-up for next year yet, meaning that the outlook is uncertain. Which is a shame, especially since it's NBC, a network that will have five less hours of primetime programming available next year (given that it decided to give Jay Leno that plum 10 PM spot), so finding space for its existing slate of shows, as well as new pilots in the works, is going to be difficult. We're concerned for Chuck's chances, but we've got all our fingers crossed, hoping that it will work out. Here's why.

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NY Comic Con 2009: Chuck vs. The Press Room

by Angel Cohn February 11, 2009 2:30 pm
NY Comic Con 2009: <I>Chuck</I> vs. The Press Room

Before Chuck creators Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak and the sublimely stunning Yvonne Strahovski headed down to the Comic Con floor to do their panel in front of a room teeming with fans, they spent a few minutes in a much smaller room with a handful of reporters hyping the show and the upcoming episodes. With good reason, based on the flashy trailer for the rest of the season that they presented. It looks pretty much awesome. Even Capt. Awesome will be duly impressed. Lots of guns, girls, spy games and a really awkward situation between Big Mike and Morgan. I'm pretty psyched. While we only had a few minutes with the trio before they were whisked away, here's the intel we were able to ascertain.

A Hobbit Is Invading Chuck‘s Buy More

by Angel Cohn October 23, 2008 2:07 pm
A Hobbit Is Invading <I>Chuck</I>‘s Buy More

I knew if I could just get through yesterday and all of the baffling news about shows that I despise getting picked up, that today would bring me better things. And it has. Charlie, er, Dominic Monaghan, aka my favorite hobbit (sorry Samwise, I just love me some Merry) and the reason that I started watching Lost in the first place (not the reason that I've been banging my head into the wall and trying to figure out cryptic clues for the last four seasons and have watched this preview clip six times this morning, but definitely what sparked my initial interest in the show) is going to be on an episode of Chuck. I adore this show as I've mentioned just once or twice or three or four or more times before. Anyway, according to EW's Ausiello (who is in such trouble the next time I see him for not informing me that he would be talking to my favorite hobbit) Dominic is going to be playing a British rocker who is entangled with evildoers. Hmm... that sounds familiar. But there's no return of the Oasis wannabe band Drive Shaft. No feuding brothers, "You All (Everybody)" or drug addictions to be found on Chuck, just Dom as a good crazy metalhead. Swoon.

Chuck: New Season, Same Wardrobe, Still Fun

by Angel Cohn September 29, 2008 4:15 pm
<I>Chuck</I>: New Season, Same Wardrobe, Still Fun

Nerd alert! Chuck returns tonight on NBC, and the geeks get back to the business of saving the world, and selling/repairing DVD players. It's all in a day's work. To celebrate this momentous occasion (OK, momentous if you are a mildly obsessed fan like myself) some kind person wrangled the video game controllers out of the hands of Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Joshua Gomez (Morgan) and put them on a conference call with reporters. The results were pretty entertaining. At one point Gomez is talking about how excited he is about the new season and the additional episodes being picked up and Levi jokingly adds: "Yeah and I know that I should say the same but I'm really only in this acting game to work my way into infomercials. I was hoping that the 13 episodes would just wrap up and I could get on with my dream. But, you know, whatever... 9 more, that's fine." You get the impression that it is amazing any work gets done on this set, but still... good times.

Chuck: Season 1

by DeAnn Welker September 8, 2008 11:07 am
Chuck: Season 1

The 13 episodes of the first season of Chuck are worth buying the DVD even if it weren't loaded with special features. And, while there aren't as many extras as some recent TV on DVD sets, almost all that's here is worthwhile. To wit...

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