Change is Coming… to the FCC!

by Odie Henderson October 29, 2008 10:38 am
Change is Coming… to the FCC!

Next week's election may change the way you watch TV and movies. With the new administration comes a new chairperson for the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC is the organization that freaks out at two seconds of TV titty, but has no problem with four-hour boner commercials. Variety reports on what each Presidential candidate may do regarding both the FCC and some intellectual property actions at the MPAA. I'll leave you to read that; instead, I have my own predictions on what will happen.

Tonight on Def Comedy Jam: The Supreme Court Justices

by Odie Henderson November 5, 2008 5:41 pm
Tonight on <i>Def Comedy Jam:</i> The Supreme Court Justices

George Carlin would love this. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court spent time discussing the use of dirty words on TV. Carlin started out with seven, and it's unclear how many of them the Court discussed in the case of the FCC vs. Fox Television. What is known is that none of the Justices used any of them. I imagined them making BEEP noises whenever one of the words came up, but imDB says they used far less entertaining methods, like saying "the S-word and the F-word." In either case, I hope Clarence Thomas responded to his findings by using that famous line from Spaceballs: "We ain't found sh-- I mean, the S-word!"



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