TWoP 10: Shows That Heather Locklear Should Join Instead of <I>Melrose Place</I>

As expected, Heather Locklear has agreed to appear on the new version of Melrose Place as bitch queen Amanda Woodward. And while she's the best thing that could happen to that mediocre, at best, rehash of a series, this "show saver" could do so much better. We've got some ideas on shows she could improve just by being in their general vicinity.

We Need A <i>Melrose Place</i> Remake Like Kimberly Needed That Hole in Her Head If Denise Richards fabricating a story about how her assy reality show It's Complicated is getting picked up for another season has taught me one thing, it's to not trust what dumdum plastic surgery victims/"actresses" say about goings-on in the TV industry. Chances are, they're hoping people will accuse them of merely being confused rather than outright lying, and then realize, hey! That's not such a bad idea, what she said! Maybe we should renew that crappy show no one watched! With that said, I'm taking what Lisa Rinna has said about rumblings of a Melrose Place remake with a grain of Restalyne. I know she's hard up for work now that she's exhausted her second fifteen minutes as the token cougar on Dancing With the Stars, but let's not even put a bug in the CW's ear, OK? It's not fair to anyone.



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