The Jay Leno Show: Everything Old Is New Again

by Angel Cohn September 15, 2009 9:33 am
<i>The Jay Leno Show</I>: Everything Old Is New Again

If you were expecting Jay Leno to shake up the talk-show format and really change the television landscape with his 10 PM chatfest, you were likely sorely disappointed last evening. That said, if you are a Leno fan and wanted more of what he was doing on The Tonight Show, except earlier, then your wish has been granted. His new primetime talk show debuted yesterday, and for all the chatter about him having fewer guests and really switching things up, it was almost identical to his previous format. The only big changes were the lack of a desk (instead he's got two small and uncomfortable looking chairs on a carpet in the middle of the studio) and that he saved "Headlines" for the end. Way to mix it up, Jay.



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