Lauren Graham and Ray Romano Talk <I>Parenthood</i>, Try to Avoid Discussing Their Former Shows

One of the best parts of Parenthood this season has been watching Sarah and Hank pretend to avoid their obvious sexual tension -- and when then finally did kiss in "There's Something I Need to Tell You...", it was an instant series highlight. Lauren Graham and Ray Romano took a media call earlier this week to discuss the 'ship heard 'round the world, and tried their best to not talk about Gilmore Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond... luckily, they didn't entirely succeed. Below are the highlights.

Project Runway: Our Hopes for Season 10

by Rachel Stein July 19, 2012 6:00 am
<i>Project Runway</i>: Our Hopes for Season 10

We still can't believe how much we loved Project Runway All Stars, to the point that we're kind of bummed that Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, Joanna Coles and Angela Lindvall won't be around this season. Much as we enjoyed Season 9 (not to mention the fact that we'd never turn down more Tim Gunn in our lives), we're a little worried that the show will now fall the way of other reality competitions that lost stamina after an all-star season (looking at you, Top Chef). Here's what we're hoping that the powers that be at Lifetime bring to the runway this season:



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