TWoP 10: So You Think You Can Dance Guest Judges

by Angel Cohn August 12, 2011 6:00 am
TWoP 10: <I>So You Think You Can Dance</I> Guest Judges

On this season of So You Think You Can Dance, a famous face has graced the judging panel for every live show. Overall, we were impressed by the quality of these mostly articulate celebs who seemed to be genuine fans of the franchise and who were able to actually spout opinions instead of just clap like seals. So we've ranked the special guests (though not the choreographers who were plucked to be on the panel, because we'd never be able to decide between Lil 'C and Travis Wall) to determine who was the best this summer.

<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Double-Tapped — Bianca and Phillip Q&A

In a fairly surprising move, brought on solely by the judges and not by the American voting public, Biana Revels and Phillip Attmore were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. The two were three of the much-hyped tap dancers who were predicted to go far in the competition this season. However, World Series playoffs messed with the schedule, and we'll never be able to know how popular they actually were. The two grabbed their tap shoes and did a quick conference call with reporters before heading back home after their abbreviated journeys.

So You Think You Can Dance: Mia Michaels, I’ll Miss You

by Angel Cohn October 16, 2009 1:11 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Mia Michaels, I’ll Miss You

I know that Mia Michaels is one of those polarizing sorts of choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance, but I'll certainly miss her presence. She's one of my favorite people on that show after Cat and Adam. When she announced via Twitter (which is apparently the thing to do of late) that she was leaving, my suspicious mind immediately jumped to the fact that Adam Shankman had been named permanent judge this season as the reason for her sudden departure, which may or may not be the case, but with the timing and everything one has to wonder.

So You Think You Can Dance: Now With More Adam Shankman

by Angel Cohn September 16, 2009 3:14 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Now With More Adam Shankman

While I still have mixed feelings about last week's announcement that Ellen DeGeneres was going to be the fourth judge on American Idol, I have no such qualms about Adam Shankman being given a permanent seat next to Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance. None whatsoever. Though I do fear for his eardrums. Maybe I should send him some earplugs as a congratulatory gift? Just to be safe?

So You Think You Can Dance: Jason and Janette Q&A

by Angel Cohn July 29, 2009 12:24 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Jason and Janette Q&A

It was the very special 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday night, but two people still had to go home. So mixed with the celebration was a tinge of sadness as contemporary dancer Jason Glover and salsa dancer (and frontrunner) Janette Manrara got eliminated. The duo talked to reporters on a conference call about their stints on the show, and the highlights are below.

So You Think You Can Dance: Randi and Kupono Q&A

by Angel Cohn July 21, 2009 2:20 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Randi and Kupono Q&A

Last week So You Think You Can Dance took the control out of the hands of the judges and let America have complete control over the guy and girl who got sent packing. The first two victims? Randi Evans and Kupono Aweau. The new dance partners didn't stand out during Wednesday night's performance and the judges really hated Randi's bad wig, but they did have some stand-out performances along the way, including Randi in Mia Michaels' "butt dance" and Kupono in Wade Robson's "crash test dummies" number. We hopped onto a conference call with Randi and Kupono the other day to find out how they felt about getting axed.

<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>‘s Twitch Helps You Lose Unwanted Pounds

So So You Think You Can Dance is releasing two fitness DVDs (Tone and Groove and Cardio Funk), hitting stores Tuesday (7/21), which focus on dancing your ass off, literally. But here you get to learn some actual awesome dances from former contestants, like Katee Shean, Dmitry Chaplin and Travis Wall. Yes, I sound like an infomercial, but I'm always trying to mimic the routines on this show (mostly unsuccessfully), so it is nice to get that and get fit. I got a chance to chat with Season 4's Stephen "Twitch" Boss the other day, about his part in this (he teaches the hip hop segment) and about working on the upcoming Step Up 3D.

So You Think You Can Dance: Phillip and Caitlin Q&A

by Angel Cohn July 14, 2009 2:43 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Phillip and Caitlin Q&A

Last Thursday on So You Think You Can Dance, Phillip Chbeeb and Caitlin Kinney were eliminated from the competition, just missing out on being among the Top 10 dancers. So much for their gig on the tour. Or not. Nigel and co. decided to give these two deserving dancers a spot on the tour, despite the fact that they were part of the Top 12, not Top 10. During a conference call with reporters, Phillip and Caitlin gave their take on the judges' decision, alien costumes and getting emotional.

So You Think You Can Dance: Max and Ashley Q&A

by Angel Cohn June 23, 2009 2:33 pm
<i>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Max and Ashley Q&A

In the second week of So You Think You Can Dance Max and his partner Kayla danced a funky pop-jazz routine and Ashley and Kupono danced a hip hop routine, or at least tried to. Both teams ended up in the bottom and it caused the judges to make a tough (not unanimous) decision to send Max Kapitannikov and Ashley Valerio home. The duo chatted with reporters in a conference call about how their partners will fare together, how hard the 30 second solos actually are and the challenges of understanding Lil' C.

So You Think You Can Dance: Paris and Tony Q&A

by Angel Cohn June 16, 2009 3:36 pm
<I>So You Think You Can Dance</I>: Paris and Tony Q&A

We've finally gotten to the Top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, so that means we're finally having to say goodbye to people we're actually familiar with. The first two dancers to get eliminated are contemporary dancer Paris Torres and hip hopper Tony Bellissimo, who were partnered together for a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine that landed them in the bottom three, and they performed solos that fell flat with the judges. The duo talked to reporters via conference call on Friday and gave their take on being the first ones gone, and what they think of that rumor that Katie Holmes will be dancing on an upcoming episode. First up, Paris.



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