Spencer Pratt Declares Himself King of America; We Have Other Names For Him

Okay, everyone laughs at Heidi and Spencer Pratt's staged photo ops and I'm a Celebrity... shenanigans, and Heidi's so-called music career, and Spencer's so-called "beard," because we all know that they're just trying to get people to take pictures of them, and to get America to continue to pay attention to them. But now it's just sad. Spencer claims he is in the process of changing his name -- legally, mind you -- to "King Spencer Pratt," because, in his words, "I have decided that if there is a Queen of England and Prince William, we need to have a King of America, and I have nominated myself for that title." Seriously, is he mentally ill? [Dear Rest of the World: Please ignore him.]

Spencer Pratt and Joel McHale: Secret Lovers

by Mindy Monez August 29, 2008 11:40 am
Spencer Pratt and Joel McHale: Secret Lovers In Joel McHale's viral Internet dreams, that is! Let's just say the brilliant and always hilarious Soup host has declared his passion for Spencer Pratt the only way he knows how -- by re-making Heidi Montag's "Addicted" video, drinking a lot of wine, donning hot pants and crying into his sparkly Chihuahua, Lou. Don't cry, Joel! We've all been there. If I had a music video parody for every time I cried into a dog over unrequited reality star love, I'd... well I'd have no music video parodies, but I still relate to Joel's pain somehow, and you will too, after the jump! Props to Best Week Ever for finding the clip.

Oh By Gosh, By Golly, It’s Time for Janice D. and Holly (to Talk <i>I’m a Celebrity</i>)

Last Thursday, we saw the elimination of two different cast members from I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!: original supermodel Janice Dickinson and Hills star Holly Montag. Of course, the celebrities later voted to bring Holly back for one more day -- just long enough to get her into her underwear, of course -- but she was quickly sent packing again. Before Holly's one-day return, we got to sit in on a conference call with Holly and Janice, so while we weren't able to ask them about the one getting chosen over the other, we were able to ask Holly about Sanjolly, Heidi and Playboy and Janice about the granola bar incident, Jon Lovitz, her vagina and Jon Lovitz. You can't wait, can you?

Speidi on HIMYM? It’s the Debil’s Work!

by Lauren Gitlin November 5, 2008 1:43 pm
Speidi on <i>HIMYM</i>? It’s the Debil’s Work! Now that Sad Grampa and his sidekick ol' HMILF (that's Hockey Mom I'd Like To .... oh you know) are safely out of the picture and Obama's beginning his quest to right the wrongs of the past administration, I feel it's appropriate to train our focus on an insidious enemy that's set down deep roots in this fair nation of ours. You all know what I'm talking about right?



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