For Real? A Reality Show About A Reality Show?

by Lauren Gitlin June 20, 2008 12:42 pm
For Real? A Reality Show About A Reality Show? Have you guys heard? The D-List is the new A-List. Just ask EMMY WINNER Kathy Griffin. Or better yet, ask the fools producing a new Fox reality show called Gimme My Reality Show! in which, um, reality-show D-listers (which in the real world makes them Q-Listers) compete to, um, star in a reality show. It's so meta my head just exploded. A few of the peeps on board thus far are Santino Rice, he of Project Runway Season Two fame and Traci Bingham of Baywatch, which is apparently a reality show (?) now. A panel of judges made up of reality show producers and reality show A-Listers (H-listers in actual fact) will judge contestants on their ability to like, throw a hissy fit and alienate their castmates, presumably. Clearly Santino would make for a killer reality show star. I mean CLEARLY. The man has more fierce bitchy queen shenanigoats stored in his pinky than Traci has in BOTH of her silicon boobs. And I can't imagine anyone else who could even come close to his diva-tude. OR CAN I?



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