Modern Family: Happy Endings

by Rachel Stein January 24, 2013 10:40 am
<I>Modern Family</i>: Happy Endings

"Fulgencio" had lots of fun twists at the end -- the only problem was getting there. The first two acts of the episode dragged on in the same way the entirety of last week's "Party Crasher" did, but in the third, we got the Godfather homage, the reveal that Claire was feeding Lily her snarky lines and the conceit of the plot about Gloria stealing her sister's life -- all the type of gags that reminded me of why I used to consider Modern Family mandatory viewing material. After so harshly (though I think fairly) slamming the show last time, tonight let's look the best moments of the episode... and you'll notice that none of them include the unsettling jokes made at the expense of the unseen lesbian neighbor Lee or Jay's weirdly homophobic rant at his son in front of his entire family at church, nor the quips about how impoverished Colombia is:

Is That a Microphone In Your Duck a l'Orange, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Reports are everywhere today that previously confidential C.I.A. files are being made public, and they reveal that, among other things, famed French-style chef Julia Child was a spy! Jigga what???? Indeed, it seems that one of the world's most visible TV personalities (and a bona fide giantess at over six feet tall) once worked undercover for the U.S. government as an OSS operative. She and her cohorts apparently "studied military plans, created propaganda, infiltrated enemy ranks and stirred resistance among foreign troops."



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