I Am Now in With The IT Crowd

by Zach Oat October 14, 2008 4:03 pm
I Am Now in With <i>The IT Crowd</i>

For years, I've been hearing how good the British series The IT Crowd is. "It's so good," everyone kept telling me, "that they're talking about doing an American version!" Being an inherently lazy person, this gave me even less of a desire to seek it out, as I was willing to wait until it got to the U.S. in some bastardized form. (Hey, this was when the American Office was just winning people over, so I was not being completely irrational.) Now, with no remake in sight, IFC has come to my rescue, because they've been airing the original IT Crowd Tuesday nights at 8:00, and it is every bit as hysterical as promised.

Ground Floor: A Mediocre Comedy, From Top to Bottom

by Aly Semigran November 15, 2013 6:30 am
<i>Ground Floor</i>: A Mediocre Comedy, From Top to Bottom

The biggest problem for the new TBS comedy Ground Floor isn't that it's yet another workplace sitcom, but that it's a workplace sitcom with a premise that's already been achieved to perfection by the likes of The Office, The IT Crowd, and Enlightened. Ground Floor may have a very similar concept as those three (the cultural and financial differences between the self-absorbed higher-ups upstairs and the everyday people working beneath them, literally and figuratively), but it lacks one key element that made them rise above the pack: an original sense of humor.

Computer Geeks: A Not-So-Proud TV Tradition

by Zach Oat February 4, 2009 7:08 am
Computer Geeks: A Not-So-Proud TV Tradition

After watching last night's hysterical Season 3 premiere of The IT Crowd, I started thinking about computer geeks on TV, and how there really aren't that many. There are a lot of science geeks, like the physicists of Lost and The Big Bang Theory, but usually it's all about the math, and all they need is a dry erase board. In honor of the unsung heroes of the keyboard (computer, not piano), I thought I'd run down some of my favorites, past and present.



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