<I>Baby Daddy</I>: In Case You Ever Wanted a Weekly Version of <I>Three Men and a Baby</I>

To say the least, ABC Family's original programming is hit or miss. While I base my entire Tuesday night around the viewing of Pretty Little Liars, I cringe every time a promo for Secret Life of the American Teenager appears (seriously, Shailene Woodley, you're way more awesome than this mess of a show -- please go join the cast of Shameless). Yet perhaps the worst part of this otherwise mostly pleasant network is the multi-cam sitcom Melissa & Joey, a painfully unfunny show about a "manny" (that's a man-nanny for those of you who don't know) portrayed by Joey Lawrence who is hired by an overworked Melissa (everybody's favorite teen witch, Melissa Joan Hart) to help her raise her niece and nephew. While I've laughed more at the Advil commercials in between the show than at the antics of the clearly desperate '90s duo, ABC Family must have decided that they've found their own terrible "niche" when it comes to multi-cam sitcoms.



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