New Girl: Bachelorette Party Do’s and Don’ts

by Angel Cohn April 10, 2013 1:57 pm
<I>New Girl</i>: Bachelorette Party Do’s and Don’ts

This episode was pretty entertaining (we always love some Fat Schmidt), but it seemed a little out of order again, like maybe that funeral episode aired when it wasn't supposed to because we jumped back to Nick playing the dead dad card when he didn't even mention his father in "First Date" at all. But we loved the orange jumpsuit, and Shivrang's Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester reference, so we'll give it a "dead dad" pass.

Who Should Be the Next Bachelor?

by Angel Cohn July 23, 2012 12:40 pm
Who Should Be the Next <i>Bachelor</i>?

Given how dull Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette has been (aside from the drama with Kalon), rumors that Ali Fedotowsky's ex Roberto Martinez may be in the running to be the next Bachelor don't instill us with a lot of hope. He's a nice guy, but dull as dirt. So now that Emily has ditched most of her suitors and found one she can tolerate (for now), we took a look back at her men (and a few from seasons before) to find a better choice of leading man. And yes, some of them may currently have girlfriends, but given the average life expectancy of a Bachelor relationship, we don't foresee that being a problem.

Bachelor Pad: Most Awkward Moments From the Reunion

by Angel Cohn September 13, 2011 12:45 pm
<I>Bachelor Pad</I>: Most Awkward Moments From the Reunion

The second season finale of the trainwreck known as Bachelor Pad aired last night and the episode itself was kind of forgettable... the only worthwhile thing that happened was that Michael and Holly decided to take Michelle and Graham to the finale with them instead of Vienna and Kasey. (Yes, Vienna was crushed because her perfect rose record was demolished.) The rest of the time was spent with the pairs flying around in some Cirque Du Soleil harnesses to impress former Bachelor alums Trista, Jason and Ali (carried onto the stage by Roberto). But the reunion? That was where the fun actually started. Here are the highlights:

<I>Bachelor Pad</I>: The Four Most Uncomfortable Sexual Moments of the Night

We understand that Bachelor Pad is a melting pot of venereal diseases, but normally a lot of the sexual encounters are left to the imagination... or at least happen when the cameras aren't around. We're not prudes or anything, but we watch this show to see what kind of hook-ups happen, not to be horrified at how they unfold. We might be scarred for life after last night's episode... not that it will stop us from tuning in for next week's finale or anything, though.

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The Seven Grossest Things About Last Night’s Bachelor Pad

by Angel Cohn August 30, 2011 10:32 am
The Seven Grossest Things About Last Night’s <i>Bachelor Pad</I>

On last night's episode, we finally got resolution on the nail-biting cliffhanger from the week prior. Big shocker: Jake went home instead of Kasey. The former Bachelor graciously (and delusionally) stepped up and gave a speech about forgiveness and how he was really glad to have met Vienna's new boyfriend and that he felt good about the whole experience. Did we mention he was a bit delusional? Or possibly under the influence of some happy pills? But after his exit, things took a turn for the worse and we spent most of the episode trying to crawl out of our own skin. And that's not even counting the unveiling of this fall's Dancing With the Stars "celebrities." The first time Nancy Grace does a dirty rumba, we're so out of there. Here's what grossed us out the most at the Pad:

Bachelor Pad: The Seven Most Cringe-Worthy Moments of Week 3

by Rachel Stein August 23, 2011 1:33 pm
<i>Bachelor Pad</i>: The Seven Most Cringe-Worthy Moments of Week 3

If I had only two hours left to live, I would spend it watching last night's episode because it just would. not. end. Thanks to all of the unbearable moments below, I'm wondering if it's possible to have permanent douche chills.

Bachelor Pad: The Eight Most Ridiculous Moments From Week 2

by Angel Cohn August 16, 2011 1:47 pm
<i>Bachelor Pad</I>: The Eight Most Ridiculous Moments From Week 2

While the first episode of Bachelor Pad mainly focused on Kasey, Vienna and Jake, the second episode had some genuinely dramatic moments... sandwiched in between more awkwardness between Vienna and Jake. Here are the craziest highlights:

<I>Bachelor Pad</I>: Our Hearts Really Don’t Need to Be Guarded and Protected

The season premiere of Bachelor Pad revolved less around the house's potential hookups and mostly around the love/hate triangle of Jake, Vienna and Kasey. Is this going to be how the entire summer plays out? If so, I'm dreading it. I was actually hoping that Kasey would be eliminated and that Rated R would stick around. Yes, Rated R was the wrestler jerk who was dating multiple girls and got chased around bushes by Ali on The Bachelorette, but he was pretty amusing last night as he introduced himself to his partner while they were tangled up together, and when he compared Kasey and Vienna's relationship to Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy and even when he grabbed the rose off of Jake's chest on his way out the door.

TWoP 10: Ways to Fix The Bachelorette

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2011 6:01 am
TWoP 10: Ways to Fix <I>The Bachelorette</I>

We're currently suffering through the most boring season of The Bachelorette to date, and that's even taking into consideration the fact that Bentley was a brutally honest douchebag and that there was a guy wearing a mask for several episodes. And now we hear rumors that Emily might be the star of the show's next season. Really? Is that because her dates with Brad were just so riveting? The only one excited about this news is probably Bentley, who is likely chomping at the bit to humiliate yet another woman. So while it seems like another dull season is on the horizon, we've got some suggestions (i.e. wishful thinking) for how The Bachelorette could actually improve if it wanted to.

TWoP 10: Ways To Fix The Bachelorette

by Angel Cohn July 31, 2009 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Ways To Fix <i>The Bachelorette</I>

The Bachelorette has steadily become more and more excruciatingly painful to watch each and every season. There's so much filler now, and the show is totally irrelevant as the majority of couples usually break up as quickly as they get together. Plus, every episode is "very special" or "shocking" when it really isn't at all. They spoiled Reid's surprise return in the previews the week before. And did anyone actually really think that Jillian would pick Kiptyn when she couldn't shut the hell up about Ed after he came back? It's not just Jillian's fault that this particular season was so terrible -- the entire show needs a major overhaul (and so does The Bachelor, but one thing at a time), and here are some ideas for improving it.

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