Better Off Ted: Don’t You Die On Me!

by Zach Oat March 19, 2009 12:01 am
<i>Better Off Ted:</i> Don’t You Die On Me!

Better Off Ted premiered last night, and I'm already getting ready to bid it a fond farewell. Not because I dislike it -- far from it. I'm saying good-bye now because the show, created by Victor Fresco, feels a hell of a lot like his previous office-based, single-camera series, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Andy was amazing, and this show is almost as amazing, but Andy only lasted 19 episodes -- a decent run, I suppose, but that's less than a season by most counts, and if Ted lasts as long as Andy did, I will consider it a success. Because, like Andy, Ted may be too smart for the room. (Not my room, but other rooms. Not that I think that other people are stupid, but... a lot of them are.)

TWoP 10: Off-the-Beaten-Path Shows We Love

by Angel Cohn July 2, 2009 11:47 am
TWoP 10: Off-the-Beaten-Path Shows We Love

There are a million TV channels out there these days, so when summertime comes around, we really have time to explore the vast world of random television programming. While we dig big shows like True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance, it's the more quirky, niche shows that really have us hooked this season, even if their names may garner blank stares from most folks when when we mention them. Below are some shows that may be off your radar but are worth checking out.

TWoP 10: Shows That Should Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

We've already put out our plea for bubble show Chuck to return next fall, but plenty more of our favorites are in danger of falling through the network programming cracks. Here's nine more series that deserve another season, but may not get one. We know, we know, wishin' and hopin' didn't do Pushing Daisies any good, but we're sending out a prayer to the TV powers-that-be anyway: when upfront time rolls around in a month or so, please let at least some of these shows reappear on your schedules.

ABC Love Struck By New Batch of Pilots

by Angel Cohn August 26, 2008 11:07 am
ABC Love Struck By New Batch of Pilots

Apparently Veronica Mars genius Rob Thomas wasn't totally crazy for leaving shoo-in hit 90210 to go work on a remake of his short-lived comedy Cupid. The romantic comedy, which stars the dreamy Bobby Cannavale and showkiller-in-desperate-need-of-a-hit Sarah Paulson (she of Studio 60, Leap of Faith, American Gothic and Deadwood), is Thomas's new twist on a guy who thinks he's cupid and the therapist who thinks he's nuts. It's now got a potential spot on the midseason lineup along with four other new shows.



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