The Choice: Choose and Lose

by Angel Cohn June 8, 2012 11:20 am
<I>The Choice</I>: Choose and Lose

We'll watch pretty much anything with Cat Deeley, but this show tests even our undying affection for the hostess with the mostess. While she's her charmingly adorable self, getting in little jabs at the contestants and the celebrity daters, this show is so dreadful that we can barely tolerate it for an hour. So while she's the sole bright spot, here are the five worst things about this show:

House of Lies: The So You Think You Can Dance Edition

by Angel Cohn January 15, 2012 10:35 pm
<I>House of Lies</I>: The <I>So You Think You Can Dance</I> Edition

The "Amsterdam" episode of House of Lies was another installment filled with "boys will be boys" behavior and lots of salacious behavior (sex in the middle of a bathroom, use of the c-word to describe a woman and lots of comments on Marty smelling like pussy). That behavior and fast-talking deals seem to be the entire M.O. of this show. However, this episode did have one fantastic breakout subplot (and it didn't even involve the adorable Roscoe), in which Doug excitedly ran into Cat Deeley at the airport.

It’s As Simple As ABDC

by Angel Cohn June 20, 2008 12:31 pm
It’s As Simple As <I>ABDC</I>

In the world of dancing competitions shows So You Think You Can Dance is my first love, but America's Best Dance Crew is moving up and finishing a close second lately. The thing that I enjoy about both of them? Aside from the fact that they both involve Shane Sparks... is that they expect their people to be talented and rise to challenges, unlike say Dancing With the Stars where the celebrities need to be coddled until they are passable, or Master of Dance where the talentless are celebrated for merely being able to shake their ass to the tune of the music. On my favorite shows nobody contenders become household names by seriously tearing up the dance floor.



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