Critics' Choice Television Awards 2013: Nominees Announced

The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA), whose membership includes two TWoP staffers, has announced the nominations for its 3rd Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards. The winners will be revealed at 11 PM EST on June 10, 2013, in a ceremony hosted by Parks and Recreation's Retta that will be streamed live on UStream. In the meantime, treat yo self to the complete list of nominees here. (Note: Nominated programs and performances aired between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013.)

The Best <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Sketches to Get You Through Election Day 2012

Now that Election Day is finally upon us, we are at a turning point in history. Who will SNL get to mock for the next four years? Will Jason Sudeikis be forced to stay because of Mitt Romney or because of Joe Biden? (Or, perish the thought, in the event of an Electoral College tie, both?) Will Jay Pharaoh continue to have something to do beside occasional Denzel Washington impressions? These are the vital questions that will be answered tonight. In honor of the occasion, here are some of the best political sketches from the post-Palin seasons. Of course, SNL couldn't help but to include their favorite Alaskan at least once -- though a little untraditionally. Recent standouts have also included Pharaoh's superior Obama, especially in a particularly tense debate. Sudeikis also deserves credit for pulling double duty on both sides of the party line, and helping to bring back an old favorite. Still, the best sketch overall came from a Weekend Update Thursday, and didn't even feature the candidates. Watch and laugh at the mockery of people who could run the country, and try not to get too emotional over the sight of the dearly departed Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig.

ReModeled: This Show Sure Looks Familiar

by Rachel Stein January 18, 2012 6:00 am
<i>ReModeled</i>: This Show Sure Looks Familiar

Sitting through the 45-minute pilot episode of ReModeled (The CW's latest attempt at reality TV) was, in a word, excruciating. I care about the modeling world as much as the next moderate Project Runway or America's Next Top Model fan (so, "kind of"), but as far as the world of modeling agencies are concerned, unless they're helmed by Janice Dickinson, I couldn't find them less interesting. Not only does this series give an inside look at the wild world of those agencies; it also tries to be these current shows, too, and fails miserably in the end.

Critics' Choice Television Awards: TV's Latest Winners

by Angel Cohn June 21, 2011 4:37 pm
Critics' Choice Television Awards: TV's Latest Winners

Yesterday there was a luncheon honoring the best in television, as chosen by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. And while the full event, featuring the speeches and the hosting talents of Cat Deeley, will begin airing on REELZ starting tomorrow night (June 22), we've got all the winners here right now. These first annual awards picked some of the predictable stuff (like Mad Men) but also recognized shows and actors that is usually off the Emmy radar, and two of your loyal TWoP editors got to be part of the nominating and voting process (though admittedly, a few of our favorites still didn't win).

<I>Celebrity Apprentice</I>: This Whole Season Has Rolled Over and Played Dead

During the boardroom on last night's Celebrity Apprentice, Nene Leakes (after she stopped crying for no reason) called Dionne Warwick out for being plain old lazy during the task. And with all the eye rolling that immediately ensued, I was hoping for some big blowout that would devolve into name-calling and nitpicking and the rest of the craziness that this show was once known for. Unfortunately, Dionne gave up without much of a fight and basically told Donald Trump that she should be fired. Wait, what? One of the biggest personalities (not necessarily in a good way) that this show had this season basically just walked off after calling Nene a coward on her way to the elevator? What happened to the drama? Are these folks afraid to come across as the new Annie Duke or Joan Rivers? Are celebrities (aside from Star Jones) worried that they'll get a bad rep if they defend their actions in the boardroom?

I’m A Celebrity: The Long Boring Show Is Over

by Angel Cohn June 25, 2009 10:25 am
<I>I’m A Celebrity</I>: The Long Boring Show Is Over

It's finally over, and Lou won... something. But really, who even cares. Lou dominated the entire game and won because he was nice. There was no strategy, no game play involved. He was just nice, goofed off for a few weeks in the woods, directed a video, let all the youngsters call him 'Papa Lou,' lost some weight and earned some unnamed amount of money for charity. Once all the eliminated people got the boot, it was so boring I could barely even stand to watch it anymore. But I get paid to. Not sure why other people stuck around 'til the end.

Oh By Gosh, By Golly, It’s Time for Janice D. and Holly (to Talk <i>I’m a Celebrity</i>)

Last Thursday, we saw the elimination of two different cast members from I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!: original supermodel Janice Dickinson and Hills star Holly Montag. Of course, the celebrities later voted to bring Holly back for one more day -- just long enough to get her into her underwear, of course -- but she was quickly sent packing again. Before Holly's one-day return, we got to sit in on a conference call with Holly and Janice, so while we weren't able to ask them about the one getting chosen over the other, we were able to ask Holly about Sanjolly, Heidi and Playboy and Janice about the granola bar incident, Jon Lovitz, her vagina and Jon Lovitz. You can't wait, can you?

I’m A Celebrity: Officially Out of Ideas?

by Angel Cohn June 18, 2009 1:20 pm
<I>I’m A Celebrity</I>: Officially Out of Ideas?

I am seriously thankful that there is only one more week of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here left, because these are the most boring human beings on the face of the planet and I just can't take it anymore. Everything is just so freaking dull that it makes me want to cry. There is nothing more tedious than watching people complain about how there's nothing to do around camp. Watching John Salley wake people up is not compelling television. Seeing endless conversations about how they all like each other and are a family is not good, either. Being forced to believe that Sanjaya and Holly have a budding romance is ridiculous, though that's less ridiculous than everyone speculating on why John and Patti are fast friends. And seeing the celebs find little things to nitpick about is irritating. Even Big Brother usually eliminates a lot of the boring conversations about pet peeves, and the people on that show have the good sense to hate each other, or stir up fights, in order to keep people at home from falling asleep. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the challenges, which are actually cool, are too few and far-between.

Sanjaya Malakar: From Idol Zero to I’m a Celebrity Hero

by Angel Cohn June 9, 2009 12:14 pm
Sanjaya Malakar: From <I>Idol</I> Zero to <i>I’m a Celebrity</I> Hero

Until recently, the mere mention of Sanjaya gave me bad flashbacks of him brutalizing "You Really Got Me" and his ridiculous hairdon'ts. I was dreading seeing him on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here and only mildly looking forward to torturing him by voting him into gross challenges in order to get payback for the way he abused my eardrums all those times on American Idol. So when he walked off the plane on 'I'm a Celebrity' with his hair in the stupid mohawk I sighed and braced myself for the worst. However... that hasn't been the case at all. In fact, he's the most awesome person on that show. Somehow, he morphed from annoying teen to king of the jungle in just a few short years. Here are the reasons I'm loving him now.

Welcome to the Jungle: Janice Dickinson and Stephen Baldwin talk <i>I’m a Celebrity…</i>

Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to put Janice Dickinson and Stephen Baldwin on the same show together deserves an Emmy. And whoever thought it would be a good idea to put them both on a conference call together deserves whatever award is given out to conference call coordinators. (A Groupie?) Listening to the two of them go back and forth, weighing in on Sanjaya, Speidi and Starbucks, almost makes me want to tune in and watch every episode of this show. And considering that I'm pretty sure these two will go all the way, I'll have to watch every episode, too. Luckily, Speidi told Janice they'll be dropping out early to do other stuff, so at least I won't have to watch a Pratt be crowned champion. Read more below!

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