The Michael J. Fox Show: Hasn’t He Been Through Enough?

by Aly Semigran September 27, 2013 6:00 am
<i>The Michael J. Fox Show</i>: Hasn’t He Been Through Enough?

Who doesn't love Michael J. Fox? (Wait, if you don't, you probably shouldn't answer that, as you are a monster). That's the question NBC is banking on for The Michael J. Fox Show to be a hit. That our universal love for the actor will make us overlook just how weak the new series with his name in the title really is. And while Fox's talents and charms are still as undeniable as ever, you can't help root for the guy… to wind up on a much better show.

Saturday Night Live: Jamie Foxx Unfunny

by Rachel Stein December 10, 2012 11:16 am
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: Jamie Foxx Unfunny

I imagine that when Jamie Foxx got his script (or read his cue cards? I'm not sure how this show works anymore) for this week's Saturday Night Live episode, every single one of his characters was described as an "over-the-top manic black man." If I had to say three positive things about this endeavor, I guess one would be that it kind of reminded me of old-school SNL episodes where Chris Rock used to also play various angry archetypes (though it was a lot more culturally relevant and satirical in the early '90s), two is that the Django Unchained trailer was fun and three is definitely every moment of Aidy Bryant. With that in mind, here are the highlights of the evening:

Fox Upfront 2012: If All Else Fails, They Still Have Zooey Deschanel

The Fox upfront presentation began with a pre-taped bit about the cast of New Girl interviewing for a new roommate, and their options were Fox stars ranging from Mr. Schue to Walter to the kid from Touch. Oh, and Emily Deschanel, because they couldn't resist making a sister joke. It was cute and the highlight of the network's hour-long presentation, for sure. Most of the rest focused on clips from this season of New Girl, a live awkward bit of banter between Zooey and Mindy Kaling about who is the most adorkable Fox star of them all, and Ryan Seacrest being Ryan Seacresty. They also made a big deal about The X-Factor and officially introduced new judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, while making a couple of digs at The Voice. I suppose they had to fill the time somehow, because aside from talking about some new random animation domination HD thing that's going to air in the dead of Saturday night (11 PM-12:30 AM), and referencing baseball as much as they could, there really wasn't a lot of new stuff to show off. But here's what we thought of the new programs they did preview:

Fox: Running Wild With Felicity and Spielberg

by Angel Cohn May 17, 2010 6:50 pm
Fox: Running Wild With Felicity and Spielberg

Fox's 2010-11 upfront presentation was a bit shorter than NBC's earlier today, but still just as tediously dull. After parading out the Fox talent and then letting Hugh Laurie act all appreciative, two bigwigs talked a lot about how people still watch TV and not just on the computer (yes, because couches are more comfortable than computer chairs). We were shown charts and graphs and heard talk of something called a "purchase funnel." Seriously dizzying. The event didn't really get interesting until Jane Lynch came out as Sue Sylvester and started making fun of Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reilly by poking fun at his weatherman looks and hair: "Last time I saw something that sweet and sticky it came with a free coffee and had jelly inside." After all that, it turned out that the network didn't have much new to show us... at least not for the fall (check the full calendar here). Still, some of what we did get to see definitely had promise.

Fox: More Singing, More Dancing, More Action

by Angel Cohn May 18, 2009 6:24 pm
Fox: More Singing, More Dancing, More Action

It's the start of upfront week, and while Fox revealed their schedule this morning, the presentation showing off their actual new programming until this afternoon. It took place at City Center in Manhattan, but thanks to the magic of the web, I got to watch it from my mostly comfy desk chair. It started off with a guide to surviving the onslaught of new TV. Using clips of Homer telling us about nutrition, Bones keeping us hip with lingo and something with The Family Guy's Peter. Then they revealed the stage, which was filled with Fox stars. People from each show came to the front and took a quick bow, while the announcer said their names. Or tried to. He brutalized everyone from Chi McBride to Tyler Labine to, most egregiously, Lie to Me's Brenda Hines. He (being Brendan) got a good laugh out of it. They all trickled off stage, leaving only Kiefer "Jack Bauer" Sutherland.

You'll Pry My Terminators from My Cold, Dead Hands, Fox!

by Mindy Monez October 1, 2008 4:19 pm
You'll Pry My Terminators from My Cold, Dead Hands, Fox! So a sad rumor leaked today for all of us Sarah Connor Chronicles fans (the few! The proud!). Apparently Fox is fed up with the show's low ratings -- particularly the fact that it's not being watched by those sexy 18 to 49-year-olds advertisers are obsessed with for no good reason. They're also terrified that the show is bringing down their beloved Prison Break's ratings by being a less than stellar lead-in. So they're pretty much just going to cancel it, possibly as early as tomorrow. Literally. Tomorrow. It's no secret that the show is inconsistent and has a lot of storytelling problems, and I'm still in the camp that believes Lena Headey was miscast as Sarah Connor (I do, however, think she's a good actress. I just don't think she's right for this particular role), but Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green are fantastic, and so are a lot of the other actors and characters. The show has many, many moments of sheer fun, and I honestly do kind of miss it already. Wow, sorry to go all Maudlin Mindy all over everyone. I didn't mean to! Now go watch some cyborgs get the party started after the jump!

Fox Gets Gleeful

by Mindy Monez July 24, 2008 2:42 pm
Fox Gets <I>Glee</I>ful Nip/Tuck and Popular creator Ryan Murphy has had enough of this bleak world and would like to spruce it up with a little glee. His new project is an hour-long Fox comedy called, well, Glee, which centers around a soccer coach who is talked into instructing one of the world's worst high school glee clubs. As we all know, Murphy always does things a little differently, so the cast will be a mix of ethnically diverse and straight and gay characters singing about four songs per episode. And don't worry, he promises he's not going to try to write music -- these will be popular songs you already know and love (or hate). "No original music is being written. People like to see people singing songs they know." So long story short, think Dangerous Minds meets American Idol meets Queer as Folk. Meets... my dreams come true.

Fringe Fuels the Fun at Fox

by Diane Werts July 15, 2008 10:15 am
<i>Fringe</i> Fuels the Fun at Fox

Oh, please, no. Don't call Fox's exciting new fall drama Fringe that scary word. You know -- the word that sends so many otherwise open-minded viewers racing for the remote.

The G word. The SF word. The F word. (No, not that F word.)

Yes -- as J.J. Abrams (Lost) and other Fringe producers admitted Monday in headlining the Fox portion of this summer's Television Critics Association press tour -- their new show is about speculative science getting out of control thanks to wanton corporate experimentation. Dead people talk, and lovers' brainwaves merge, and all sorts of other not-quite-reality is laid out amid shadowy conspiracies and kick-ass action.

Jason Bateman Is Fox-y

by Lauren Gitlin June 16, 2008 11:39 am
Jason Bateman Is Fox-y I'm so confused! Is Fox a soul-less trash receptacle for right-wing news media and dehumanizing reality shows or a haven for groundbreaking comedy programming? Maybe, like that Young Republican you dated who could simultaneously defend Scalia and crack jokes that made you pee, it's a little bit of both?

It seems the suits over there are finally coming to their senses, because The Hollywood Reporter is dishing dirt that the network inked a first-look deal with the one and only Jason Bateman to develop a slew of new series. This two years after they cancelled the Bateman vehicle (and stroke of comic genius) Arrested Development. But now the B-Man -- who recently directed the pilot for the new Fox comedy series Do Not Disturb and will lend his voice to the upcoming Mitchell Hurwitz cartoon chucklefest Sit Down and Shut Up -- is back in the saddle.

Fox: Kicking Ass, Taking Big Names and Making <I>Idol</i> More Bearable Again, I'm watching another upfront from the comfort of my desk chair. It really isn't all that bad... though it does mean no party and no mingling with stars, but I'll live. While CW apparently is becoming all lifestyles of the rich and famous, Fox seems to be just about action, Idol and some more action. Which works. If it ain't broke...

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