Back in the Game: A Swing and a Miss

by Ethan Alter September 26, 2013 6:00 am
<i>Back in the Game</i>: A Swing and a Miss

Every network has at least one (and usually more) bench-warmers hidden amidst their fall line-up, the shows that you know are only on the air to pad out the schedule until a better series -- or, at least, one with more salable elements -- comes along. The baseball-themed Back in the Game then, is the bench-warmer amongst ABC's new comedies (Lucky 7 fulfills the same slot amidst its collection of dramas), a show that gives the network something to put in between Wednesday night hits The Middle and Modern Family besides dead air. It's not that Game is actively bad per se, but last night's season premiere revealed a series that's so half-hearted in its ambition and execution one gets the feeling that the writers don't think they're ready for the big leagues either. We call the pitches the show's pilot threw as we saw 'em.



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