Walton Goggins Talks <I>Justified</i>, Venus Van Dam and <I>Veronica Mars</i>

Season 4 of Justified has been a textbook example of a crime drama done right -- there's a perfect mix of violence, sex, puns and plot twists in every single episode, to the point that we're constantly asking ourselves if that was the season finale. March 19's "Decoy" is no different, especially considering that it revolves around Raylan and the gang trying to get Drew Thompson out of Harlan alive. To pump up the episode and discuss his take on the series, Walton Goggins, Harlan's own Boyd Crowder, took a press call, where he was both ridiculously charming and dead-serious about his work. Sound familiar? Below are the highlights.

Justified: The Shot of the Week

by Rachel Stein April 11, 2012 6:00 am
<i>Justified</i>: The Shot of the Week

One of the most rewarding things about Justified is that this show knows how to do a kick-ass season finale. Season 1's "Bulletville" was all kinds of bloody, Season 2's "Bloody Harlan" was emotional and satisfying and Season 3's "Slaughterhouse" was all of the above. I think it's my favorite so far... but to be fair, I'm kind of emotional right now.



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