Justified: The Shot of the Week

by Rachel Stein March 7, 2012 6:00 am
<I>Justified</i>: The Shot of the Week

There was only one gun fired in "Watching the Detectives," but the fact that it wins Shot of the Week by default doesn't mean it wasn't awesome. There's nothing I enjoy more than when a show takes an annoying dude from the past who once came close to royally ruining everything and gives him a unceremonious death. (Breaking Bad also provided a shining example of this.) While I obviously don't want Quarles to win in his planted-evidence scheme, watching it all unfold in front of Raylan sure does make for great TV -- even more so when our favorite marshal finally sneaks in the chance to be one tiny step ahead of Quarles. I'm obviously extremely excited about the recent Season 4 renewal, but this, to me, means that by this season's end, we'll see a no-doubt bloody downfall for Quarles with Raylan coming out on top. And maybe the writers will at least throw us a bone and kill Winona.



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