30 Rock: This is the End

by Ethan Alter October 5, 2012 11:20 am
<i>30 Rock</i>: This is the End

Like the title says, last night's season premiere was the beginning of the end of 30 Rock, which will leave the airwaves for good after this 13-episode season. And, to be honest, we're not all that sorry to see it leave, even if last season almost brought the show back to the glory days of Seasons 1, 2 and 3. As the adage goes, better to go out somewhat close to the top rather than in the cellar.

<i>Community</i>: Can the Premiere’s Changes Help the Season’s Ratings?

In our pre-Season 3 interview with Dan Harmon, Community's creator wasn't shy about admitting that this is the show's make-or-break year. If it holds its own or, better still, grabs more eyeballs, it'll likely stay on at least as long as it takes Jeff, Annie and the rest of Greendale's most self-centered study group to graduate. If those ratings keep slipping, though, we may never get to see them accept their diplomas. The musical number that opened last night's season premiere openly addressed Harmon's desire to reach a bigger audience, with such pointed lyrics as "We're going to seem like a mainstream dream" and "We're going to have more fun and be less weird/Than the first two years combined." So how exactly is Greendale different this season? Here are some of the biggest developments we spotted in the premiere and whether we think they'll have an impact on the ratings:



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