Whatever Happened to Kimmy Gibbler?

by Angel Cohn August 12, 2008 9:40 am
Whatever Happened to Kimmy Gibbler?

So last night I was watching Mad Men and the girl who is married to Harry looked oddly familiar to me. So I kept looking and looking and finally said that she kind of looked like what Kimmy Gibbler (Full House's annoying neighbor) would look like if she was grown up and then dressed in '60s hair and makeup. I know. My mind works in weird and mysterious ways... and yes this means that I watched way more of that show than I should actually admit. Of course looking at the credits it is clearly not Andrea Barber (the gal who played one of the most irritating TV characters of all time... yet I could relate, as I was an annoying and sometimes dense teenager). But I was rather surprised to see that she had not one single credit (at least according to IMDb) since her days as the frizzy-haired Gibbler.

TWoP 10 Most Annoying TV Characters

by Angel Cohn August 15, 2008 6:00 am
TWoP 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Evangeline Lilly had the nerve recently to ask for more money per episode on her Lost contract, even though she makes more than anyone else on the show (except Matthew Fox) and even though her character Kate is by far the most irritating character on that show by a landslide. This prompted me to think back over my years of TV-watching to compile the list of most unduly annoying characters to ever exist on the small screen.



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