Modern Family: The Best Lines From the Winter Premiere

by Rachel Stein January 5, 2012 10:14 am
<I>Modern Family</i>: The Best Lines From the Winter Premiere

Did anyone notice the huge amount of pop culture references in "Lifetime Supply"? I felt like every few lines, there was a reference to Colin Firth or Harry Potter -- not that it hurt the episode or anything. In fact, last night's winter premiere was one of my favorites of Season 3. There were a lot of great things happening in the episode, but I give credit to Sofia Vergara for actually nailing most of her lines, as well as everything to do with Manny, Jay and Javier's storyline. Benjamin Bratt is always excellent on this show and he feels like one of the few guest stars that the writers know exactly how and when to use. I could've done without another storyline featuring Mitchell and Cameron bickering, but all together, "Lifetime Supply" was a great way to start off the second half of the season. Of all of the laugh-out-loud lines, these, to me, were the best:



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